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Sneaky little cyst

So Iím all knocked up with my first kid, and it turns out that Iíve also got this bitch of a cyst; I was wondering if anyone here has ever had an OMGHUGE cyst during their pregnancies?

Here is my ridiculously long backstory; skip to the end if you donít want to read it, I wonít blame you:
Iíve been married for two years. We actually started trying to get pregnant about four months before the wedding because I was expecting to have problems Ė I have PCOS, and I have an aunt who has PCOS and had issues getting pregnant for 12 years before she finally did the ivf thing a few times.

So anyway, I went to see my reproductive endo after we started trying, as she had been treating me for my PCOS/irregular cycles/etc and had all of my history. Husband and I did a year of the fertility gauntlet: clomid, shots, sex schedules (itís oh-so-hot to have to chase your husband down the hallway and yell ďBANG ME NOW, ITíS OVULATION DAY!!Ē). Finally, after a year of this crap, my doc did an internal ultrasound and found a tiny cyst on my right ovary. She stopped all fertility meds and wanted to put me on BCPs, to reduce hormones and encourage the cyst to shrink. Unfortunately I canít take BCPs (I spent two years trying literally every brand under the sun, and every single one gave me RAGING migraines), so we ended up just taking a break from fertility treatment all together.

Fast forward through a year of trying and crying; this past November I spent a week feeling sick and dry heaving into the can, when I finally took a pregnancy test. I had no hopes that it would be positive, but as it turns out, it was. I took two more tests to be sureÖyep, definitely pregnant. Yay!

So I made an appointment with my doc, and they did the ultrasound and I got to see my little critter floating around in there, devising new and innovative ways to make me barf. The he scanned to the right and found this fucking Godzilla-sized cyst on my right ovary. Itís the same one that made me stop trying the fertility treatments, and apparently instead of shrinking, it grew to the size of a small moose.
Doc also did a pap, and more good news Ė that came back with abnormal cells. Fun!

So I have an appointment on the 31st to go do a coloscopy to check out my giblets and see if thereís anything scary up in there. He also wants to check on my cyst, which had gotten a little bigger between my first ultrasound and my second.
And here are the questions behind my tl;dr story:

1) The cyst on my right ovary is roughly 2 inches right now. Iíve been having twinges of pain in the small of my back for the past 4 or 5 days. Itís not constant, but is off and on every day and it's always in the same location. Sometimes light pain, sometimes bad enough to wake me up out of a sound sleep. Could that be from the cyst, or is it just something harmless like cancer or the black plague?

2) Has anyone here ever had to have a cyst removed during pregnancy? Cause Iím worried that this thing is going to grow to the size of a watermelon and squash my fetus.

Obviously, these are things that Iíll ask my doctor, but I wonít see him for another three weeks. I donít want to try and get an earlier appointment unless the pain becomes constant and blinding, or causes me to bleed from the eyes and ears. I figured I'd ask you guys in the meantime, to see if anyone had any experience in this area.
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