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RE: the abnormal pap, I only gave you guys the very basic info, in the interest of not making my post 6 pages long and making your eyes glaze over. Click here to enlarge
Here's what the doc told me about it (keep in mind that all of my medical knowledge comes from watching episodes of House, so I am probably going to really screw up what he told me...but this is the general gist of it):

Apparently there are four overall "ranges" (my word) when it comes to pap results:
Normal | Low Risk | Severe/High Risk | OH SHIT IT'S CANCER
My abnormal cells fell into the lower spectrum of the Low Risk range. My doc said that it's fairly common to see pregnant women fall into that area, cause our bodies are all jacked up on hormones and fetus juice or whatever, and that they usually fall back into the normal range after delivery. (I have a friend who confirmed that the same thing happened to her; abnormal cells during pregnancy, normal results after delivery)

Doc said that based on that info, it's not something that he's overly concerned about at this time, but is something he wants to check out and monitor.

We're waiting to do the coloscopy on the 31st because he wants to do it all at once; the ultrasound first, to see if/how much the cyst has grown (oh yeah, and to make sure the kid is still swimming around in there, I guess), the wellness check junk, the coloscopy, and then sit down and review the results.

Despite having PCOS, this is the first actual cyst I've ever had; all of my PCOS issues/symptoms were actually caused by insulin resistance rather than cysts, and were kept under control with a combo of Metformin and Spironolactone. Up until a few days ago, I hadn't experienced any pain in relation to this cyst, which is what made me wonder if they'd have to take the thing out before I deliver, and whether it was safe.

Also possibly of note, I also get screened for cancer regularly because I had stage 2 melanoma in '07; my last bloodwork was done a few weeks before I found out I was knocked up, and that came back with two thumbs up and a gold star.
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