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I'm going crazy...Kids and toys

My 6 yr old and almost 4 yr old share a room. I have rubbermaid containers for things like legos and lincoln logs. Big ones for toy boxes to keep larger stuff in. Bookcases, etc. Not working!!! They have too much crap. I make sure and get rid of Click here to enlarge toys or games with missing pieces. WhywhyWHY do they make toys and games with five zillion little pieces??? And why do my IL's insist on sending that shit? Maybe I need a family rule that says they're only allowed to send stuff that has no more than 2 pieces.

I'm trying to resist the urge to go in there with a big green hefty bag and clean up. That would guarantee a life of therapy, though, so I'm sitting here reading and thinking about all the money I'll be saving on shrinks.

I know it's their ages. The 4 yr old is at that stage where she's just messy. The 6 yr old is much better than he used to be. Please tell me it gets better.

So what do you do? How do you keep their rooms semi straightened up?
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No help for you, but I'll be interested in seeing replies. Same problem here- we have tons of containers for all the little stuff, and their closets are still piled up as high as they can go.

We do try to go through once in awhile and haul some of the stuff to the basement- and then rotate it- maybe that would help reduce a little of your clutter?
It never ends though. Every holiday brings a new amount of stuff.
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I hear you. And I don't think my kids have all that many toys. At least, when I go to re-organize, I don't see much I can nicely get rid of. But between the crap with 35 little pieces, and the big things ( we have ALL the Little People sets Click here to enlarge), there is little room to play. I have a 4 y.o. girl and a 2 y.o. boy who basically play with all the same things.

I'm just praying we can get a big house with a finished basement/playroom very soon. We're in an apt., and they already have the biggest bedroom. Dh and I are in the tiny one. Click here to enlarge
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DH and I go through their stuff every few weeks and are ruthless about getting rid of toys and taking it to our local mother's home. They also have a clearinghouse in the basement for baby gear for other mothers in need. We have huge families who buy our kids way too much stuff. We're all happier when we scale down.
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same problem here, every so often when we through my 3 yr olds stuff...he asked fo it for awhile but i have no choice , its us living here or the toys.
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Same problem here...luckily my kids are pretty good about keeping pieces together. I often put all the pieces into a baggie and stick it in the toy - like for example the Fisher Price Little People Toys...I put all the people/parts for the House in a baggie that is labeled 'house' etc

My kids share a room with a nice big closet, so I can really cram a lot of stuff in there...I also use bins a lot for under the bed and in the closet.
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DD has two toy boxes. One upstairs in her room, and one downstairs in the playroom (aka, the livingroom...). Anything that doesn't fit in the toyboxes gets stored, and then rotated. Seems to be working at the moment. Good luck!
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Thanks for your reponses. At least I know I'm not alone!
I went in their bedroom today, locked the door and cleaned. They even have some toys left. Click here to enlarge I emptied out what was left in the huge toyboxes and then was militant about throwing crap away. McBarfy toys, anything that looked remotely Click here to enlarge or chewed on I pitched too.

At least it's tidy in their now and it's organized again and looks much better. I'm sure next week I'll be posting that it's a freaken mess again though.
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My suggestion is take everything out of the room redecorate, then oragize and put bach thing in the right spot. Tell your children they need to keep the new rooms nice and if they don't you are going to rip the head off Barney and eat Barbie.

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Know I'm late in the response, but:

I try to get my older one to help me sort out things she no longer plays with to take to the thrift store. I also try to rotate toys. I alot away where they can't be bothered, then I rotate them out. Putting up ones that they are tired of playing with.
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ya know what else i have heard works? besides rotating the toys? i have heard other parents that at least twice a year, their kids go thru their toys and clean them out. they make 2 piles... one of Click here to enlarge toys ((which go in the trash of course)) and the other of good toys that they no longer play with. then... you take the good pile and you donate them to good will or something like that. i have heard about parents doing this esp. around christmas time so that the kids learn that christmas is about giving. this summer, i am going to have a yard sale ((i live in NH if anyone wants to make that visit)) and this christmas I am going to start this tradition with my kids. it will be nice to get rid of some of the clutter that we have here.
so don't worry- you're not alone. i don't think Toys R Us has as many toys as we have here in the house. LOL. We could open a toy store in our house.
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My dd loves anything that has a million parts. I got sick of trying to make her pick them up all day every day (and it would eventually be me picking them up), so I started putting the legos, dollhouse stuff, play food etc. on a shelf in her closet. Now she has to ask me to get them down for her. Before I do, we pick up the toys that she had already taken out. It's helped me quite a bit. If you just want to clear out some of the clutter, maybe you can put some in the attic and just rotate them out. The donating thingie sounds like a good idea too. I took a lot of toys to my dd's preschool recently.
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