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Perfect Film to Keep Kids Busy

Hey all!

Lately I've been on quite an independent film kick. And when I say 'independent film,' I mean truly independent films. Movies made with no help from big studios, lacking in big name actors and substantial financing. I like to see what passionate people can do with a camera, a devoted cast and crew, and a shoestring budget.

Pulling off a quirky heist comedy in this day and age is very difficult, even for the most seasoned writers/directors/producers working with major studios. I recently came across a low budget indie film that pulls it off in so many more ways than expected: 'Two-Minute Heist.' Now here is a film that understands how to get the most out of a solid, original premise. The movie is about two filmmakers, slacker Dino Rado (Dan DeLuca) and his friend Steven Scheere (Kris Arnold), who borrow money from Jamaican gangsters to fund an unsuccessful B-movie. When the mob wants the money back, Dino and Steven cast unsuspecting actors to perform a real heist on their behalf.

It's as over-the-top as it sounds, and it's hysterical. Its humor is fresh and on point, yet still PG if not G. I mention this because since watching it myself, I put it on for the kids and have never seen them fixate on a movie so much. They ask me to put it on every day! For some reason, the humor clicks with adult and child audiences alike.

Basically, this movie is awesome and available on a bunch of platforms, definitely worth the watch and I guarantee your kids will love it. Watch it and tell me what y'all think!
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