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What Twinkle said. DS gets an allowance not tied to chores because he needed to learn how to use money, save money, blah blah but also because "Here's some money. Do what you want with it. You get more next payday. Don't ask me for money." Click here to enlarge

He also has his own checking & savings acct, part of his allowance goes to savings, which also saves him if his math or brain goes foggy & he overdraws Click here to enlarge I check his bank stmts to make sure he's not robbing savings for a stupid Steam game or something Click here to enlarge

Now that he's in HS, I upped his allowance - he's in arts magnet with lots of afterschool activities & challenging academics, and after-school jobs are discouraged. But I also tied his "raise" to good behavior, etc. It's working well so far.

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