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My two boys are 15.5 and 19.5
just about grown up and don't need me much except to try to keep them in food.
They are both 6 foot, but youngest is passing my older son any day now.
My youngest looks just like my younger brother when he was his age, so it feels like I'm raising my brother sometimes. lol.

Oldest has his AA in science already, working on his EMT certification and trying to work up the courage to transfer to univ for pre-med.
youngest has two college classes as a sophomore in high school and wavering between all A's and a bit of B's to keep things interesting.

Dh still works from home. I own no horses anymore, they all died. I have a few chickens, down from a high of 20 at one time. No dogs, they all died too. Down to 3 cats from a high of 12.

Kids are old enough I'm having a bit of fun redoing the whole house into more of a grown up world.

And yes, I know, nobody really knows who I am. lol
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