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Hello dear,
I can't explain how sorry I am for your loss. You are a very strong person. I don't generally like tattoos but a memorial tattoo is something beyond special.It is a great way to pay tribute to them. Any one who will see the tattoo will surely ask who they were and upon knowing, they will surely keep them both in their memories and prayers. What you can do is get the name of your daughter tattooed on your upper arm like an arm band with angel wings on both the ends. For your mothers, you can get her name tattooed or else some quote on the back of your neck with a peacock feather under it. There are a great number of memorial tattoos ideas out there. You can either take to google and find something best suited for you, or you can straightly consult your tattoo artist and take his help to decide what is it that you want, they can suggest you the best design possible.
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