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hello everyone,
It is indeed a known fact that this is perhaps a very sensitive subject for the topic of discussion! I think that perhaps no one in the world knows exactly how to raise a child. but we all know one thing for sure, no matter how ever one raises their child they only wanna make them happy and only live for them after they are born. But again, in this world of a rebel, the children never really understand the true feeling of a parent, a parent always gives their all to raises their child the best and get a little strict in some cases which are all out of their insecurities. And due to this rebel of insecurity and seeking for freedom, children always take their homage into saying that they will raise their kids in a way their parents never thought of doing so. In a way, it is good only if your paren6ts were really a pain in your ass, but if they weren't I think saying that statement could be a very worthless thing to say. Because we only realize it too late that what our parents did for us, was indeed the best. It is hurtful for them to listen that you are going to parent your child unlike them, because somewhere deep inside they know it, too that what they did for you was the best of what they could give to you, and that you will realize it later than what they had expected you to be grateful within. Let us face it, the truth is, no child can ever be happy with his parenting because we often look at others and compare ourselves with the other one which leaves us in a hurtful situation of betrayal, that perhaps we did with our parents, too. The child will always beef suffocated, while you will be there thinking what you did was the most accessible within your approach. The thing abuts a parent-child relationship is that there is no limited definition for the word 'freedom' in it. They demand freedom, but in most profound ways which you can never understand were even legit until before that moment. So, I guess I am not completely satisfied with the saying that, 'I will raise my child unlike i was, by my parents'.
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