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I feel very sorry to hear about the demise of your mother. Mother is an awesome gift given to us by God. They care for us and one day when we lose them, and then it is not easy to come of this grief. But, you cannot do anything. We all will have to die one day. There is no stoppage of death. Death is an eternal truth and you have to accept it. I remember the day when my grandmother died and I began to feel all-alone without her. I stopped talking with my friends and I just remain silent. The lines of grief on my forehead can be read by anyone in my class. One day, my teacher called me and said what happened, why so seem so sad these days? I replied my grandmother died. My teacher consoled me by saying his own story of the demise of his father. He told me that you cannot control death and one day he will also die. So, cheer up! Don’t go into depression. Best of luck for your future!
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