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Hello dear, it is a very interesting question and it comes in mind of most of the couples when they face the time of parenting. Parenting is never an easy time and every couple takes it in a different way. Time is changing very quickly and it is not possible to Parent your children in the same way as you were raised by your parents. I would like to share my personal experience about it. I was raised in a small village and mentality of my parents was very different at that time. We didnít get such technology and such freedom to take our decisions in our childhood. The mentality of parents always changes with time and now we have a different mentality than our parents. We are living in the city now and we are going through a different era of Technology. When it comes to growing my children, I will do it in my way. I would like to give them more freedom to take their decisions in a career.
Time is changing day by day and it is very important for parents to change mentality with time. If you want to maintain your relationship and your mentality with your kids, you have to change with time because they are changing their mentality with time. Today, they want more freedom and more facilities as compared to our childhood. I wish I could give them the same environment that I got in my village but it is not possible in present time. They will need a different environment and different thinking ability with time. So there will be a difference always and we canít do anything about it. It is very important to give them a good education and positive attitude towards life to stay happy.
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