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my ovulation

• Hi, lady. I know its sometimes very much pain when you are ovulating. Serious cramps and tough mood swings are the worst things that one can have. This AF is no doubt always a troubling gesture. It's obvious that any lady in such a condition can go mad to worst. Since I have lost both of my ovaries because of cancer, I miss that feeling often. It's like you cant have a baby ever. In spite of my deep wish, I know I cant conceive ever I don't have ovaries either. It is the worst feeling a lady could have. The feeling of ovulation has completely lost from my brain. Several times, I miss those cramps and those swings. Sigh! I do not face one now. I still remember the time when I used to ovulate and got worst in my swings. I used to curse my self. It’s a hard luck. I wish I could get my ovulation back at any cost.
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