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Hello. I see you are really strong woman. This is only your choice to get married or not. Being single mom can be hard. To say truth, being a mom is sometimes hard even if you are married.
I know that surrogacy is available for singles. Ann egg donation and donor sperm are great solotions for single people. We all want to have kids, so why can’t we do this? You have to find the reproduction center,which offers such services. If they use your eggs the baby born will be genetically related to you. But first of all you have to consult the doctor. If you have a chance to give birth you can use the IVF service. As you are single you will still need the donor sperm.
In this case you will give birth on your own.
I know a lot of couples, which became parents with the help of the surrogacy. It is safe but it is not legal in most countries. I recommend you to choose one of European clinics. They offer great service at low prices.
The surrogate has no rights to keep the baby. Before the surrogacy process starts both of you will sign an agreement. It will protect you.
As usual all reproduction centers offer a big database of surrogates. There’s no need for you to do it by yourself. All their surrogates are healthy. You will be allowed to visit your surrogate in a couple of months after the pregnancy beginning. It will be interesting to spend some time with her.
A lot of women are afraid of the surrogacy. I don’ t understand why. It really works. So, why not to use this chance? Hope you will succeed soon, dear.
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