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Hi, Phoebe. I was so surprised reading your story. It is so similar to mine. My husband has left me because of my infertility. I desperately wanted to have kids that's why I didn't give up. I kept looking for solutions. The only person who supported me was my mother. I really appreciate her for help. She saved my life when I was ready to give up. That's why I decided to support you. I want you to be strong, dear. You will have an amazing life and you don't need your husband to be happy. I've gone for surrogacy with donor sperm. Now I have an amazing son and we live happily together. I can't imagine my life without him. He is the most important man in my life.
It is not that hard, dear. When your baby is born, you forget about all the difficulties. You see his smiling face and you feel like you are the happiest woman ever. I don't care that I didn't give birth to my son. I love him and he loves me. This is the most important. He was born by the surrogate in one of European clinics. I was there at that moment. You know, I didn't know anything about surrogacy before. Now I know that it works. Forget about your fears. Do what you want. Find a clinic and sign an agreement. Doctors will help you to do everything in the right way. There's nothing to be afraid of.
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