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Hello! This is very great that you are warning people It would be really helpful for many who are looking for a fertility clinic. I thought maybe we are the victim of all this problem but I saw many here. When the doctor said that I am infertile and that I can't give birth to the baby. instead of getting upset I was always motivated by my family and friends to search for the best. That maybe there is any possibility for me. And then our one cousins told us about the same Lotus clinic and we then contacted them. As we wanted to go for IVF or surrogacy process but the staff was so uncooperative. they replied no email answer but then they always put us on the wait when anyone of us called them to ask. They were pretending or don't know what that they have already many clients and are so much busy with them but this is not a professional way. Not to be responsive to your clients properly is very unprofessional. But then we got to know that we have to search for any other clinic. and we found the best one. Thank God. Bot the time we wasted with Lotus was very disappointing. Really don't waste your time after that clinic.
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