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Originally Posted by richa View Post
Becoming a mother is the biggest desire of every woman. But losing hope and will is not the solution to any problem. Can you please share some details about your meeting? I donít think that surrogacy is not so reliable. Many infertile couples are taking advantage of it and Iím sure that youíll enjoy it too. I will pray for your success!
Hey Richa, I hope you are well. First of all, I just want to make a correction here. Surrogacy is not fun at all. No ones like to be infertile. It can be the worst thing that can ever happen to women. There are a lot of woman suffering from it. And you have no idea what obstacles do they face in their lives. Their marriage lives are terribly affected. As you can see the woman above who have posted this is anxious and worried about her situation. But yeah, Surrogacy is a wonderful option for the people who are looking forward to have a baby. I had it from a clinic in Ukraine. And it was a good experience with them. I hope and pray that people who are looking forward to any treatment get their hopes fulfilled.
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