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Originally Posted by Alena View Post
Heather, hey! This is such a lovely post. It's great to see so much positivity. I'd love to share my own story! I was really worried when the doctor told me that I could not conceive naturally. After changing doctors, on the advice of my sister, I decided to consider assisted conception. The doctor was really nice. She suggested IUIs. It became our number one priority. Turned out, that was the push that we needed! It was a really good decision. I'm so glad I was brave enough to take it. Things worked out well. I hope you get to experience all this, too. Sending baby dust your way.
Heyyyyy. How are you doing? I'm glad you went for assisted conception. I agree it takes a lot of courage. It's a huge step. But once you take it, things start to fall into place. I'm really happy to read about you. More power to you.
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