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Originally Posted by dennisaefe View Post
My husband and I have one just-turned-2-year-old and are expecting a baby in August. I am considering purchasing a double stroller, but they're very expensive, and at this point I can only get one, so I want to gather as much information as I can.

We currently have three single strollers: a Maclaren umbrella, a Phil & Ted's sport buggy, and an older-model Baby Jogger. We live near a very small city, but we use the Baby Jogger the most: there are a lot of bike paths nearby and, when it isn't winter, we take it out on them almost every weekend. Last summer I jogged a good deal with it. It doesn't fold and thus won't fit in our car, or else we might use it even more.

I use the Maclaren perhaps twice a month when I take my son into town, or when we travel to see my parents in Boston. In contrast, I've been quite disappointed in the Sport and almost never use it. It's heavy and awkward to handle when folded, making it inconvenient for trips around town, its tires are too soft for much all-terrain use, and the jogger is a much nicer ride for the bike paths. I had hoped to use it as a two-child stroller, but may just sell it.

Based on our current stroller usage, and given that I would really like to start jogging again this summer, I am most interested in buying a double jogger. I just took a look yesterday at BOB Revolutions/Duallies and was highly impressed: the BOB is everything I wish the Sport was. Meanwhile, I could wear the new baby in a wrap or Ergo, and put my son in the single umbrella stroller, for the times I need to go into town.

But the BOBs are very expensive ($550-ish) and although their folding mechanism and light weight is pretty impressive, there's no question--they're big. I'm a very slow jogger and I wonder if the weight of two children will be too much, or whether its sheer width will make me hesitant to use it much.

I am having a hard time finding much useful information out there, either. seems to have the best so far, but they don't offer a ton of info on double joggers. I may check out Baby Bargains or Amazon reviews, but I feel like there must be some site somewhere with a bazillion threads on double strollers.

So, several questions for those of you with experience in this realm:

--if you bought a double jogger, was it worth it, i.e. did you get enough use out of it to justify the cost?
--am I going to miss not having a double umbrella stroller more than I realize?
--what model would you recommend?
--did you ever use the jogger for getting around town?
--anything else I should consider?
--any forums or sources that you would recommend I consult?
Thank you
First of all, don't forget that double stroller means double weight and that could be hard for your spine, so take it easy. Maybe you should go for a lightweight model. Though it's important to buy a sturdy stroller for a more comfortable ride for the baby. You get strollers nowadays for under 50 dollars, but they wonít last long, especially if you use it daily in the busy city streets.
Yes, we used ours when we were getting around the town. Also in parks. Ours - Thule Urban glide - is a foldable one and it's easy to put it in a car.
If you will be doing lots of outside walking I would go with a fake jogging stroller like the city mini or city select. Huge plus is its easy to push and it has a great sun/shade cover
Main downside is the basket underneath is tiny and hard to access. If you are going to be inside mostly, like trips to the mall or short walks then I would go with a regular stroller with a nice basket.
Whatever you get make sure it has a parent console, lifesaver for keys, water, phone etc.
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