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Originally Posted by GoatFucker View Post
You've most likely taken a look at several ways in which working is costing you time and money. You've probably come up with a list of your own where dollars and time are slipping through your fingers.

Now let's look at how staying at home can actually save you money. You might call it smart household management. Think about how much you might be able to save if you had the time to do these things. Again, the options are as large as your imagination and motivation. Keep taking notes on your own as you paint your own family's picture.

Smart Shopping

For many two-income families finding little time for careful shopping and rushed and impulsive buying can take a big chunk out of their paychecks. The cost of convenience -and convenience products-can be high.

Smart shopping can save your family more money than you may think. It's not just about clipping coupons-it's about taking the time to wisely plan and execute a spending strategy that consistently saves you money. Although this section might take a little more forethought, you can begin to estimate how much you might be able to save versus what you are spending now, and get a clear picture of the possibilities of living on one income.

The first step is to take a full month (two is even better) to
carefully analyze how much you are spending and for what. Carefully go through your check register and credit card receipts and record by category how much was spent. Don't forget to record every dollar spent in cash. You will likely be surprised how much cash purchases add up-usually for impulse or luxury items.

List expenses for:

Work-Related Expenses
Home Maintenance
Groceries and Meals Out
Auto Payments, Insurance, Gas, Maintenance
Clothing Costs and Maintenance
Medical Expenses
Credit Card or other Debt Payments
Savings or Investments
Miscellaneous (don't forget allowances, school-related expenses, etc.)

Now that you know what you've been spending, look for areas where you can save. There will probably be obvious "luxury" items that will stick out-ones you could happily give up if it meant more time with your children-such as gourmet coffee and soft drinks; frequent take-out or meals out; frequent plays, movies or other entertainment, and so on.

Other extra expenses might be less obvious. Here's your opportunity to get creative. There's limitless ways to save a little here and there-and realize substantial savings over time. Start with:

Saving A Little Here And There

budgeting for:

.groceries $_______
.toiletries $_______
.clothes $_______
.other $_______
planning low-cost nutritious meals $_______
refinancing mortgage, etc. $_______
buying in bulk wholesalers or coops $_______
watching for sales $_______
using coupons $_______
other $_______
TOTAL: $_______

Smart Household Business

Just like smart shopping, having a plan on how money is spent to run your household can save your family in the long run. And like shopping, the areas where you can find savings is great. Below are just a few to spark your imagination.

Smart Household Business

monitoring bills for errors $_______
preparing your own taxes versus paying an accountant $_______
telephone usage budget $_______
reducing heating/cooling costs $_______
reducing electrical bill $_______
other $_______
TOTAL: $_______

Household Maintenance / Do-It-Yourself

There are again countless ways in which you can save money by doing more things around the house yourself. It may mean learning some new skills, some of which may be fun and give you a real sense of accomplishment. Whether you find your calling or not in home repair and maintenance, at the very least you will be contributing to the financial well-being of your family.

Household Maintenance / Do-It-Yourself

general cleaning $_______
carpet & upholstery cleaning $_______
sewing vs. buying $_______
simple house repairs $_______
clothing repairs $_______
other $_______
TOTAL: $_______

And don't take for granted your little helpers around the house. Kids can do a lot with proper supervision. In fact, it's a great teaching opportunity to have them working by your side

The Emotional Savings of Being at Home

For some families, there's an emotional benefit to having a parent at home more.

First, if staying home to care for their family's needs is something a parent has always dreamed of, imagine the sense of joy in finally living that dream. And a joyful attitude can be catchy!

Secondly, working less can free up more time for their children. As the opportunities for doing things together grows, so do the possibilities for a stronger parent-child relationship.

Thirdly, some parents find their relationship with each other benefits as well. With one partner having more time for ousehold and family matters, the other partner can relax more. There's less places for stress to pop up, making more room for harmony and fun in the relationship.

Although it may not be easy to pinpoint how your family might benefit emotionally by you being at home more, it's certainly worth considering as part of your total evaluation.

A new perspective

So, how much, or how little, do you really need to work? Add up your figures - what is it costing you to work and how much could you actually save by being at home more?

You may have discovered that the financial sacrifice you thought you would have to make by quitting your job, now looks less like an impassable mountain and more like a road-by mapping out your strategy and keeping your eyes focused ahead, you can get there.

Maybe an at-home business is feasible for you. Also, joining the
temporary workforce can give you the flexibility of setting your own schedule if your children are in school.

Whatever you decide set realistic goals for yourself. Unless you have special superhuman abilities, most of us need to take change like this one step at a time. Remember, you're on a journey that's taking you're family in a new direction-plan carefully, and then keep a pace that's comfortable for everyone-and enjoy the ride. The rewards will far outweigh the work it takes to achieve your goal of being at home to care for your children.
This is what we need today during pandemic times, we should start saving money and do whatever we can. Thank you for sharing this - Citation Vault
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