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Originally Posted by Hot Dogma View Post
I need help from all you loverly ladies.
My girlfriend is having her second son in the next week or two and I have no idea what to get for her. She and I were pregnant together for our first babies, but I'm on the bench this time around. Click here to enlarge
She has tons of clothes, is cloth diapering both kids, nursing, all the crunchy stuff. I kinda wanted to get her something for herself, or something that might be useful for the one-to-two-kids transition.
She's pretty well stocked on books...maybe a gift for her and one for her 2 yo son? Should I gift her dh, too? Click here to enlarge

If you consider buying a gift for your baby then I can share with you with this shopping cart cover which is amazing! It's comfy and cosy for my son, it has lots of pockets, the convenient carrying case is attached to the cover and when you put it on the cart it turns into another large pocket.
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