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Singe Mom Needs Appliance Repair Service

Hello, I've been single raising my 6 year old son for 8 months now and it's hard having no man in the house when things break down. I've already bought a tool set for a few things I had to fix around the house but now I'm at a loss because I can't afford to hire my local appliance repair company and for the life of me can't figure out how to fix my fridge. it's a Panasonic fridge we bought used 3 years ago so there's no warranty either. I've resorted to using the neighbor's fridge and ordering food from Skip the Dishes but by now i might have saved mroe money just hiring the appliance repair company. I'm looking online now for a new fridge and I can get one for $300 or get mine repaired for $200. Before I decide though I was hoping someone here could give me a tip that I might not be aware of.

Thanks in advance for any helpful tips.
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