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TwoDee 03-09-2004 02:50 PM

Ovulation question
I noticed this same thing last month too. I get really crampy for one day about a week or so after AF ends. Does that mean I'm ovulating? It's very painful...hurts to go to sit, go to the bathroom, etc.

Madame Merlot 03-09-2004 04:22 PM

Sounds like me when I ovulate. For me, it's an internal hip pain of sorts, that starts out feeling like pressure and makes me think I'm constipated. Took charting to make me realize what the hell it was...after years and years of being confused! :lol
At times it has been so bad that every step I took I could feel the pain being 'jarred' and it hurt! Those bad times the pain would last a couple of days.
Best way to be sure is to chart for a couple of cycles.

clairemädchen 03-09-2004 06:54 PM

It sounds like ovulation, however if it's 1 week after af stops then you must have fairly short cycles. How long are your cycles usually????

clairemädchen 03-09-2004 06:55 PM

Oh yeah - and how long are your periods for????

Dogzilla 03-09-2004 07:08 PM

Probably ovulation. I usually O on day 12 or 13, so if my period is 5 days long, that would make it 1 week later.

TwoDee 03-10-2004 10:19 AM

My cycles are 30 days with AF lasting 3-4 days.

Madame Merlot 03-10-2004 10:24 AM

I would count cycle days if I were you and start watching your mucus pattern. To ovulate on day 10 or 11, you'd only have a 25 day cycle, give or take a day.

isabel.mason2017 09-25-2017 10:47 AM

my ovulation
• Hi, lady. I know its sometimes very much pain when you are ovulating. Serious cramps and tough mood swings are the worst things that one can have. This AF is no doubt always a troubling gesture. It's obvious that any lady in such a condition can go mad to worst. Since I have lost both of my ovaries because of cancer, I miss that feeling often. It's like you cant have a baby ever. In spite of my deep wish, I know I cant conceive ever I don't have ovaries either. It is the worst feeling a lady could have. The feeling of ovulation has completely lost from my brain. Several times, I miss those cramps and those swings. Sigh! I do not face one now. I still remember the time when I used to ovulate and got worst in my swings. I used to curse my self. It’s a hard luck. I wish I could get my ovulation back at any cost.

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