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Do you worry about your kids' weight?

Please tell me I am not the only one struggling with overweight issues. Dd is 5 and in the 75 percentile for height and 95 for weight. She is extremely picky, eats some fruits and veggies, but unfortunately also a lot of pasta/starch. Her doctor commented about making sure she got enough exercise at her physical a couple of weeks ago because her weight to height ratio is a little off. She is not what you would even call chubby, she's tall, and a little thick in the middle. She basically has my body. Click here to enlarge

I'm just really upset b/c she's in pre-K, and so the school nurse does routine lice checks, and the nurse told dd today while doing the lice thing that she "needs to get outside and take a walk to get some exercise." I don't think dd was offended, she just asked dh if he could take her for a walk because "Nurse Pat said so." Is that even appropriate for a school nurse to say something to a child like that? I realize it is her job to recognize health concerns, but she should take that up with me, not say something to a 5 year old.

I know the lack of physical activity is a problem because it's winter and normally we'd have signed her up for swimming or dance but we haven't because I have a newborn, and he was diagnosed with cancer, so we have to be very careful with crowds and plus, our schedules are just obviously so hectic right now since dh & I both work and we're dealing with a lot.

I try to teach her about healthy eating habits, we limit sweets as "sometimes" foods, and never ever mention weight or gaining weight or body size. The emphasis is only on eating a healthy variety of foods and limiting those that taste good, but have limited nutritional value. Our biggest downfall is not getting her to run around enough, and I know that.

So is there something I'm doing wrong? I know it will be better when the weather breaks b/c dh will bring her for walks and to the playground any day, weather permitting. And then in the summer we have a pool and she loves to swim.

I hate that the nurse said that to her. It is something that is on my mind all the damn time, and I really didn't need her pointing it out.
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First, I might have a little meeting with the school nurse and let her know that comments like that need to be addressed to you, not your daughter. It;s a little passive/aggressive for adults to convey a message meant for an adult through children

And yeah, I worry. My daughter is in like, the 32% for height but in the 90's for weight. She is built very solid and compact. She is a perfect combo of DH and myself. To top it off, she has some bowel issues so her tummy is usually distended a bit so she looks bigger in the tummy than I think she would if she didnt have the problem.

And while she eats a balanced diet, she loves the starches and carb foods too. What is your daughters relationship with food? Is it just fuel for her? My DD has told me that she "just loves how food tastes." Major red flag, right?
So we have had lots of talks about healty vs nonhealthy foods, balanced diets, exercise etc. She gets the connection between all of these but she still tends to want to overeat the foods she loves(and not the healthy ones either). We do try limit the sweets to weekends only (no dessert on school nights) and DD must truly have one of the healthiest home made lunches-she never gets chips or cookie/treats in her lunch-NEVER. I know she gets enough at home!

She wants to be active but it's tough for me to help her with that. We have no sidewalks where we live so riding bikes and such requires us to drive some place first. Not entirely easy with two other little ones (3 and 1 & I'm usually by myself with them) but we do what we can. Since the weather has been improving, we walk home from school which she loves and she has been walking during her lunch recess. The school has a huge health and activity campaign this year so there are incentives to walk laps. Plus all her friends do it so the peer pressure here has been positive. I'm looking for a kids yoga video right now because she isn't very limber. i think this will help all of us as I plan to have the kids plus myself do this a few times a week.
Both DD's will take swimming lessons this summer and I hope to join the pool

What I've realized is that I need to make getting my kids active a priority. Schedule it in and fit in whenever possible. Since you have germ exposure concerns, one thing we do inside is Exercise Simon Says - i'm Simon and everything I say to do is active ie running in place, hopping on one foot, doing toe touchs, stretching etc. You can do this anywhere. Bella Dancerella is big here too. There are a few different videos; cheerleading, ballet, and hip hop I think. We have the ballet dvd and my middle loves it.

IMO, you aren't doing anything wrong. Your concerned, your aware and you are teaching her what you can about eating healthy and being active.
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My dd has been around 30th percentile for height, and 80th for weight since the day she was born. Her growth curve have always followed that. Always.

She is 8.5. She loves fruits and veggies. Rarely has junk food, rarely has soda. If she was to have a snack, she'd pick broccoli, carrots and celery. Her portions seem fine to me. She sees food as a fuel, not as a crutch. She doesn't eat for emotional reasons.

She's pretty active, though she does have asthma, so that limits her a little bit.

I honestly think this is just the way she is built. I don't see her doing much differently from what is recommended.

Her pediatrician has never expressed any concern over her size. I'll admit I privately worry a little bit because our society is very unforgiving of bigger girls and I worry about what may be said to her in her future. But, I think she is a very healthy little girl, and I would never call her fat.
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Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing great.
Being fat is not a shameful act. People often get offended when a talk referring to fat comes up. Everyone must realize that there is a fine line between being fat and healthy. Being fat is generally said to be as an obese person. And people, please know that obesity is a disease. No human body can feel extreme hunger 6 or 8 times a day or perhaps more in a few cases. This can affect almost every working organ of your body. Many will say how does eating food cause havoc in our body, right? First, everything done in a limit is best suited for the human body and even life. second, eating a lot of junk food and a lot of healthy food again has a fine line between them both. If we choose to ignore our abnormal or our child's abnormal eating habits, it is very likely to create a problem for us while we are growing up. All the extra fat tissues can make our body function slower than it actually should, and many organs like our reproductive system and even hormonal balance are affected. If taken care of it at a young age, as your daughter, she can have a disease free future. Now to make her follow an exercising regime, I would suggest you be strict with her. Even if she eats, make her eat green leafy vegetables or fruits salad. If she steals food and eats, make sure your home has no storage for junk food and meat. It will be difficult at the start, but she will soon adopt it as she is still a child. And to make her indulge in a fitness regime, you can make her do it with you and make it a little fun. LIke awarding her with something to eat after her 100 times skipping. I hope the information was helpful to you. Take care and stay safe.
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I don't care about my daughter's weight at all because she's growing, and her body will change for sure. I'm not going to put her on a diet anyway because she's just a kid, so she can think about her body once she grows up.
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Only when a child's BMI (body mass index) is high does weight become a problem. I strongly advise you to consult with your physician if you are concerned about your child's weight.
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