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Children spend too much time on cell phone

My son and daughter are always on their phones. When they sit next to each other they barely speak. Iím getting really worried. Does anyone how to stop them from using their phones so much?
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Hi mothers,
It is a strange world we live in, today. We give birth to our kids thinking they will love us as much as we do, and, we only end up being avoided and ignored by them. Especially with the teenage kids, they will give you no importance as soon as they move into their adolescent age. Their angry mood, blunt answers, hurting words can all make you cringe down and cry your heart out. Their teenage tactics can really have a doubt on who you raised, what are the lessons that you taught him. But the reality is they are just 10 or 15 years old kids, no lesson in a span of 15 years in enough to make a home in their minds. moreover, their minds are controlled by the hormonal changes and extra peer pressure. They wanna do and follow what is the trend of today. Being nice dudes and entertaining everyone and anyone. This is the time in the life of a parent when they feel so bad about their decision of wanting a baby on first place. Not all the kids remain same through out their lives, some come back realizing the true worth of being blessed with parents. It does take time, because of the peer pressure, being in a school followed by the infamous high school teenage phase when they feel nothing is smarter and wiser than who they are. This happens with almost every chile-parent relationship. This is a part of our lives and in everyone else's life. I do feel that the situation is a little worse today with all the technologically driven generation, but then again it is what their peer has made them. You can always choose to stay strict and control them but you also need to give them space and let them learn the ways of, life for and by themselves.
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Hi Jennet.. the only way is to forbid its use or setting limits.
After all they don't really need their phones and you are their mother.
My nephews used to sit for ours with their phones till my sisters and her husband decided to confiscate their phones for some time per day, in order to have proper conversations, meals, quality time as family.
I know it is hard to be strict on this. But if you don't, you will regret it later.
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You have to accept the fact that children learn from their parents and surroundings. In order to stop their habit of using cell phones, you must stop yours first. Try to indulge your kids in some other playful activities like coloring, building-blocks, reading, and writing etc. These types of activities will certainly help in their brain development. But, donít force them to do so. It will take time to change their habit.
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children usually stick to their phones all the time and I believe it is because we have given them the freedom. Not blaming you or judging you dear but just saying casually as I am also going through the same. My kids, me and my husband are always glued to our smartphones. My mother in law visited us few days back and all of us sat together outside for dinner. It was she who noticed that all four of us were glued to our phones and were not making any substantial conversation. It was more like a shock to her and then when I realized it, I was shocked too. So I came out with some rules and regulations in terms of the mobile phones. My kids simply rebuked it at first but eventually when they saw their dad giving in, they also surrendered. So firstly make a phone time out where in you and your family members will not use their phones. It could be meal time or may be homework time or any other time that you feel works for you and your kids. I even kept a phone basket so that all the phones could be kept at one place. Another thing you can do is get the prepaid or the pay as you go number for them. This teaches them the limits to use the phones and they become more responsible with their expenditure. Most and very important thing I started was keeping them occupied and active. So I involved the younger one to help me in kitchen and the elder one to take care of the garden outside. Started playing games with them which was good for my fitness as well. Things are pretty much in control now.
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Hello my dear, I can understand your problem because it is one of the most common problems with most of the parents these days. Most of the kids are spending many hours regularly in cell phone and they do not have much time for anyone else in their life. Cell phones were made for a good purpose but now kids are wasting their time in mobile games, Facebook, Internet and other things in cell phones. I know that it is really bad to get avoided and ignored by your own kids due to a mobile phone. It is a major problem with many parents and their kids got first mobile in teenage. Most of the teens are always busy in mobiles and chatting with friends. It is not only bad for their health but it is also very harmful to their studies and personal life. Their behaviour will also change in because of so much of mobile usage every day. If you want to get help with this problem, you have to take a stand and you have to understand that you are the boss at your home. In this condition, you have to be strict on your kids so that they can give time to you and their studies instead of that phone all the time. You should also talk to their teachers so that they can help you in it. Strictness is a good solution to get rid of this problem and you can really help your kids only with strictness because they will never understand your opinion and your mentality about their smartphone. I hope you will be able to get help about it and you will be able to take your kids at the right path in life.
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There's an app that you can download from your phone and link to your kids' ipad/phone. This will allow you to set a time limit for them and it will automatically lock the phone or tablet.
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My kid can use her ipad for 1 hr a day. I use an app called offtime:
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Understand, Talk, Regulate

Hi there.

Unfortunately the problem you mentioned is so common. I had issues with my own teen at one point! She was constantly glued to her phone and pretty much distanced herself from the family in the process. It got to the point where I had to sit her down and have an open conversation with her. I decided to approach her from a kind and non-judgmental standpoint, because she gets defensive and distant pretty quickly (she gets that from me haha). But I decided to address the issue in a straightforward manner. I also decided to add credibility by explaining all the positives I know can come from texting and social media, but then I led into all the negatives and specifically the ones I saw she was demonstrating. I told her I didn't want to disrupt or take away from conversations with her friends, but that there needed to be a bigger focus on family. I even expressed my feelings that I felt she was choosing her phone over me and the family in several instances. That seemed to resonate with her. Then we discussed ideas on how to better manager her cell phone use. We agreed on no phones at the dinner table or when the family is spending deliberate time together. It won't be perfect but I know it's a good place to start. I hope my experience helps you out a bit! Here is a resource I used at the time that helped me brainstorm how I'd handle it:

Best of luck to you!

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We are conducting a study of human skills which are important in the age of digital economy. This survey is intended for parents who have children aged from 6 to 13 years old.
We would greatly appreciate if you could spend 3 minutes of your time to answer our questions. This would help us to understand the digital economy phenomenon better. Any personal information you provide will be anonymously analysed in conjunction with your survey responses. We will not pass on these details directly.
Thank you!
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I'd say limit phone usage as internet when they are at home. Changing wifi password is not hard and awarding them with the new password only when they finish choirs is n idea. Also, depending on age maybe your kids need to turn back to be kids and play with toys and games. A selection of reviews on toys and what ages to use them right can come in handy. have a look.
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