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After reading this forum

I keep coming back and reading more. I even light a smoke and then came here, and said hey dumbass, put the cigarette out and quit RIGHT NOW, I have 9 left in my pack and no other packs here, I am calling DH now to beg him not to buy me any. He said he wouldn't. I know I can do this, I have my doctor tomorrow so that helps I pray he gives me something.

Only thing I am afraid of is the doctor saying that something worse is wrong with my lungs (had a ct scan get the results tomorrow) and I panick and head right for the smokes.

So I will have today as my quit date although I have smoked this am, its still early and I know I can do this.

The only other person in real life that will know is my DH cause everyone else drives me batty and makes me want to smoke more.
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