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Wayward Wombat
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My sweet little O is an inefficient nurser

and it's causing my supply to plummet. Click here to enlarge I've been feeding/pumping more, taking fenugreek like it's going out of style, drinking tons of water to stay well hydrated...I'm on the verge of going out and buying a PIS so that I can actually fully empty my breasts. I feel like that's the problem. I just have a Swing and I feel like the suction is sort of weak because I can still manually express (spray Click here to enlarge) milk after I've pumped.

Ds nurses until he's *just* had enough and then he's good to go. He falls asleep, he chews instead of sucks....He's just a difficult nurser. I have been pumping and giving him probably two bottles a day (and yes, I pump for each bottle given) because nursing him can be such a chore and I have two other busy kids I need to keep up with and I'm basically a single parent during the week, and I can't sit around with him for an hour each feeding as much as I would like to. I also am back to working two days a week so he does have to have some bottles.

I don't really know what to do about my supply, about his lazy nursing...I don't know. I am worried about my supply because nothing I seem to be doing helps and I'm afraid that he's getting lazy because of the bottles I've been giving.

Is a PIS more efficient in emptying the breasts fully? I don't want to drop $300 if it's going to be the same as my Swing, but I'm not sure what else to do at this point. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to help him become more efficient?

He's only 10 weeks old and I'm getting kind of discouraged and I feel like this is all my fault for introducing bottles in the first place. Click here to enlarge
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Wayward Wombat
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My DD2 was a lazy nurser and with the other problems I was having it was awful. I think her starting off lazy was a detriment to our success overall. I never got a good supply up and going so I know kind of what you are saying.

I dont know what the Swing is like but I do like my PIS a lot. Its about 10 years old and is working through kid #3 for me. I love it and it works great. Im not sure I would spend $300+ for it if it was for my last kid though. Can you contact your local LC group or the hospital you delivered at and see if they rent them out? Then you could at least try one for a while and see if you like it. My 1st DD's hospital rented mine to me until I decided to buy it.

I think your DS is still young enough that you can work through this for sure. Its not too late to fix it. Keep pumping like crazy when you can. Are you able to figure out why he is a lazy nurser? My DD was more interested in sleeping for the first few months. Click here to enlarge You could try to pump at the same time you nurse him to encourage more and faster let downs. Maybe he is stopping because the flow is too slow for him to stay interested.

I think you should also try drinking Mothers Milk Tea. It works really great for a lot of women, myself included, and its the cheapest and quickest thing to try to bump up your supply. If it doesnt work you are only out like $4. Click here to enlarge 2 cups a day to start should help.

Check for more tips on lazy nursers, she probably has some great advice Im sure. I think she would recommend you do a nurse in whenever possible, like at night when your older kids are in bed just go lay in your bed with baby and read a book or talk on the phone or something and let baby nurse on and off as long as he will.

Hope it gets better for you soon! Click here to enlarge

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Wayward Wombat
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Thank you and yeah, it probably woluld be a better idea to rent one first. My hospital does rent them. They're like $75 a month, though. Click here to enlarge

I will absolutely be getting the MM tea. I also think the nurse-in would help, but Mr. NothingMakesMeHappy would probably object. Click here to enlarge

Getting the MM tea today. Click here to enlarge
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And eat oatmeal! Even oatmeal cookies will work.
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Wayward Wombat
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Okay. I've heard that. I forgot about oatmeal. I will get oatmeal as well as the tea. Click here to enlarge Thanks.
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MK said some pretty great things. All of which I would suggest.

Can you cut out the bottles? The baby will get use to them and will continue to be a lazy nurser if you dont stop them.

Have you tried different positions?

Here are some things Kelly Mom had to offer some of which has been said:

I think the main thing is cutting out those bottles. As long as he is not losing, I would say its ok if he wants to sleep a lot. Gracie was a nurser for 10 minutes! I had people tell me that was never enough. But she was always full, nursed every 3 hours...and gained weight. Never had issues
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My inefficient nurser needed some speech therapy. My supply was great (thank you, tandem nursing toddler!), but he would only eat until not starving, fall asleep, and then eat again, all the while kicking and squirming and burning every calorie he brought in.
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Wayward Wombat
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He's gaining great (almost doubled his birthweight by 2 months Click here to enlarge) so that's not a problem. He's slow and falls asleep and nurse for an hour, like every hour. Click here to enlarge

I don't want to give him bottles at all but even though he goes to work with me, I have work to do. Click here to enlarge I'm also having a hard time balancing nursing him with....Well, life. I try to get up early to nurse him in the morning but that rarely works out Click here to enlarge and I end up giving him a bottle while I'm helping the kids get ready for school. Then sometimes he will have one in the late afternoon/evening when I'm trying to help the kids with homework, do dinner, etc. My dh doesn't get home until 6:00 p.m. and three nights a week has to be at job #2 at 8:00 and I'm basically a single parent during the week. I just need more time.

I have tried different positions, etc. to no avail. He just wants to take a few swigs, sleep, smile at me and play with my hair, fall asleep again, etc. Click here to enlarge

I know the bottles are a problem. I feel terrible about giving them to him, actually. I just can't nurse him 24/7. He needs a baby breastfeeding bootcamp. Click here to enlarge

I went to GNC a little while ago and got the tea.
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You might also check your local medical supply places for pump rentals. When I had DS about 5 years ago, that's where I rented mine for about $35/month.
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