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evanston1 03-07-2020 09:45 PM

Sleep Struggles – Why Do Children Cry As They Learn How To Sleep
Seeing your baby cry is perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of all. You don’t want him to cry. You want him happy. And of course, you want him healthy. But for all that to happen, he needs to sleep properly.
It would be nice if your child could learn how to sleep without any crying or frustration whatsoever. Every parent would sign up for that. Unfortunately, the truth is that all children, regardless of the method you use to help them sleep, inevitably do shed some tears in the process. Let’s see why.
First and foremost, children cry when learning to sleep because they are protesting – they don’t like change. In fact, they hate change. Just think about it.
Do you remember what your favorite book was as a kid? Do you remember wanting to read that book over and over again, even though you knew every word of it?
We all resist change, children and adults alike. It’s normal to do so, and it’s normal for your child to express his resistance by crying. After all, crying comes before words – not the other way around.
Second, as children begin to learn how to sleep but haven’t yet figured out how to do so, they are understandably frustrated. They no longer have Mom and Dad on their side to help them get to sleep, and they don’t yet know what to do differently. They will eventually.
What’s really interesting about falling asleep is that although each of us is born with the inherent ability to do so, it is considered a learned behavior. And yet you can’t teach anyone else how to do it – you can’t simply say to your child to close his eyes and sleep. Instead, each of us has to learn for ourselves what to do to settle into sleep.
Of course, there are children who seem to learn how to sleep almost magically, with very little effort on the parent’s part. However, children are different. Everyone is unique.
Your child, along with many others, hasn’t learned this essential skill yet, which is why he needs you to take a step back, so he has the opportunity to achieve that on his own.
How will he do it? He might kick his legs around a bit, he might gently rock his head from side to side, or he might grab his lovey. Or maybe he’ll suck on his thumb. If he’s a bit older, maybe he’ll play with his hair.
The truth is, each of us has different things we do to soothe ourselves into sleep, and your child will surely find a way that’s perfect for him. But he won’t discover those things nearly as easily with you standing right next to him or picking him up – he won’t have the motivation to do so.
Simply put, if you “help” him, he will cry even harder because the touching feels like a tease that serves to reinforce the crying. you check here for more review

LuciM 03-13-2020 08:55 AM

The key is helping your baby learn how to get herself to sleep. Creating a soothing routine of lullabies, books, and rocking before bedtime is very important. Then put your baby down in her crib while she’s still awake. This gives her the chance to learn what it feels like to fall asleep on her own.
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LeslieHarper 03-16-2020 05:45 PM

The process!
Babies are so interesting! I actually learned with my first child that crying is a sign of health, especially when they fall or get hurt. If they cry it is seen as a good sign, if they do not cry sometimes it means that something could be wrong and the incident create potential deeper issues. As to sleeping, well I believe that helping our children learn to sleep effectively is a process of developing a relationship with our children. I think it should be received as a huge opportunity to get to know your child and learn about who they are and how they are evolving. That is definitely a challenge most of the time but in my experience it has been such a joy to learn each of my children a lot better simply by helping them learn how to relate to sleeping and how to let sleep teach them in a sense. I love discussions like this, great to hear others opinions and experiences!
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rianneknox 04-07-2020 10:37 PM

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aaaronwarwick 04-23-2020 09:35 AM

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aaaronwarwick 04-23-2020 09:47 AM

It really is tough teaching kids how to sleep on their own but it was all worth it though.

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mdex 04-24-2020 06:57 PM

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MusicAndMe 04-27-2020 11:00 AM

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MusicAndMe 04-27-2020 11:12 AM

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queenpeters 04-27-2020 04:57 PM

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harveycole26057 05-11-2020 02:27 AM

My mother use to read me books before I go to sleep. That's what I am also doing to my kids. Atlantic Sign Company

aaaronwarwick 05-11-2020 09:23 AM

Lullabyes never gets old. <3

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tree 05-16-2020 01:39 PM

I agree. No "help" from parents could actually help him/her sleep faster. But it can be really challenging listening to the baby crying. Parents' singing could help; as Aaron said, lullabies never get old.
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Danielperez123 05-18-2020 06:30 AM

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saeed20 05-24-2020 02:14 AM

TyRogers 05-25-2020 10:00 AM

I have been really struggling with my son putting him to sleep. I feel quite discouraged sometimes. I hear other people with a new baby the same age as ours that already sleeps 5-7 hours straight! And ours still has yet to pass 1 hour straight! I'm for trying anything to help him sleep longer! piano movers

emilygoutagny 05-29-2020 02:33 AM

You may notice that your child frequently cries over little disappointments as if they were huge problems. She throws a tantrum because she can't have what they want to have like here

JemM0923 06-04-2020 11:39 PM

I have never read something as accurate as this. The struggles are so real.
Also I am sharing mine through my Website
Your story is also fascinating and interesting. Thank you for sharing of your bitlife

JemM0923 06-05-2020 12:05 AM

I have never read something as accurate as this. The struggles are so real.
Also I am sharing mine through my Website
Your story is also fascinating and interesting. Thank you for sharing of your bitlife

jack102 06-08-2020 07:53 AM

I am about to have a baby soon and I cannot thank you enough for giving me this information.
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