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Dogzilla 10-16-2015 03:21 PM

Obviously our October Jesus is
Everyone rejoining SMs.

Who has ideas for November?

hyperbabbola 10-16-2015 03:29 PM

Let's bask in October. November will reveal itself!

max e. pad 10-16-2015 06:32 PM

best resurrection ever!

nocturnal emission 10-16-2015 06:38 PM

Some of us never left!

Losers? Diehards? Such a fine line.

silly_me_2 10-16-2015 06:43 PM

Is harvest day in October or November. I forget.

Hester 10-16-2015 06:43 PM

I need a learning curve.

SquigSoup 10-16-2015 06:45 PM

Fake Harvest Day is either October 1 or the first Wednesday in October but either way you bitches missed it. Long con, over.

max e. pad 10-16-2015 06:48 PM

i didn't miss it. there was much harvest day merriment on the fb.

MadCar 10-16-2015 06:50 PM

I only saw one harvest day bullshit thing on FB. You bitches have been pulling that scam and it's over!

PunkassPie 10-16-2015 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by nocturnal emission (Post 12167665)
Some of us never left!

Losers? Diehards? Such a fine line.

:rofl I never left!

We absolutely celebrated Harvest Day, and you know that!

EvilBad 10-16-2015 07:31 PM

I will miss pics of the garden rake with cheap jewelry hanging on it though :lol

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Strange 10-16-2015 07:55 PM

I got all excited over my new carpet cleaner last weekend. Have we had a floor care jesus yet?

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Dogzilla 10-16-2015 07:57 PM

Bitches I banged my corn cobs together. Don't listen to Squig. She's a harvest day hater.

McBong 10-17-2015 05:49 AM

You tell my kids who dance around the gourd that Harvest Day isn't real. Whatever. :rolleyes

ticky 10-17-2015 05:59 AM

One day we'll invite Squig to join in the Harvest Day festivities. Then she'll feel the love. :love

November Jesus: Give people the bitch slapping they've had coming to them for the past 2 years??

No, no...we might want to ease in to this.

Caramel apples and cocoa with candy canes?

RNdoesTX 10-17-2015 07:02 AM

We celebrated floor care Jesus on FB this year :(

PunkassPie 10-17-2015 07:14 AM

I just bought a new vacuum, is that what you're talking about? :lol

Naomi 10-17-2015 09:21 AM

My floors could definitely use a floor care Jesus. Especially if He's going to come to my house and miraculously make them clean.

silly_me_2 10-17-2015 10:35 AM

A house cleaning Jesus would be amazing. I mean like a real dude in an apron and everything. :snicker

ajandcjsmom 10-17-2015 11:19 AM

I bought a bissel symphony. The steamer vac in one. I love it.

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