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Meli 01-06-2004 12:32 PM

From the other side.
DH has smoked since he was 16. He's now 28. He smoked a pack a day. He tried quitting on NY's but quickly lost it when he went back to work the next day because his work truck broke down, and he was stressed:( He's still trying, but not cold turkey. You know what though? That's fine. I'm overweight, and I view being overweight much like I do smoking. It's an addiction. Just like I love McDonalds:paranoia DH likes smoking. Neither of us are going to die w/o it, but we will live much longer w/o it:)
I love my DH very much, and I am willing to put up with the moodiness for now if I can have him for an extra year. You read that right. I would rather put up with a few weeks of moodiness if I could at the very least have another year left with him. I know that everyone that has posted so far is a woman so the majority of you have a man that is having to deal with your moodiness, but I think it's safe for me to say that your DH's or SO's feel the same way I do. We love you and we want you around for us and for your children. I support my DH in this and I support each of you in doing this. I will not judge you for smoking if you won't judge me for being a baby beluga;)

Good luck to everyone, you can do it, if the time is right!

salty 01-06-2004 12:45 PM

Meli, please stay with us. Maybe by seeing what we go through while trying to quit will help you to be able to support your DH even more! He's very fortunate to have you behind him! :love

Baggage 01-06-2004 02:08 PM


Thank you for posting that. :clap I think it is something that we need to hear. I also hope you'll stay around here and offer yourself to us often. :grope

ursula 01-06-2004 05:47 PM

You're a great wife! Think maybe you could get him to read in this forum some? It might help

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