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silentjen 06-08-2011 09:29 AM

It's too quiet in here!
So I'll do a little update.

I'm on insulin now, as of a week ago. My blood sugars were a bit high and I was losing weight due to not eating enough so they put me on insulin and now I can eat a bit more and inject insulin accordingly.

I'm feeling quite good at this stage - 30 weeks - and the back pain has decreased some so I have some relief there.

The amount of appointments I have is insane. Doctor every 2 weeks, diabetes center every 2 weeks, blood test every 2 weeks, and 2 ultrasounds scheduled so far. I guess they want to keep a close eye on the baby since I am insulin dependent now.

The baby room is a work in progress. Still need to move out a few pieces of furniture and junk, then shampoo the carpet and wash the walls and paint etc.

As for baby gear, my DH's coworker showed up on Friday at work with a car full of stuff for us. They just had their baby a year ago so it's all in good condition! I think we're all set apart from a car seat for baby. We decided on the Chicco Keyfit but now it seems it's completely sold out across our province and we are going to wait to see if they replenish stock - it's expected to be late July/early August at this point so we'll see.

I'm getting really excited and really impatient :lol Two months to go. I've had two friends deliver in the past week and I'm so jealous :lol


Dr. Nurse 06-08-2011 07:14 PM

:love just think though you'll be holding your little baby before you know it! Sorry about the diabetes sounds like you and your drs have a good handle on it though.

tweedledum 06-10-2011 03:10 PM

:love wow time has flown (for me and your pregnancy lol maybe not you...)

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