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Anny 08-26-2012 07:00 PM

Why Two Are Better Than One
Now I am not talking about buying two wedding dresses just in case of an emergency (although it may be an idea!). I am in fact talking about a formal wedding gown & a second dress for the evening festivities. But is two dresses really a good idea?

The idea of a second dress isn't really new. Brides have been changing from their long wedding gowns into something more practical for the evening do, for some years now. Well, if you like to dance then your floor length ballgown may not be ideal & having a shorter cocktail dress stashed away somewhere would provide you with an ideal alternative. But if your budget is already tight, can you afford the extra expense? Also consider that having spent a small fortune on your wedding dress & accessories, you will surely want to get the maximum you can out of them. After all this is the only time you will wear them. Perhaps it would be prudent to buy a cheaper cocktail dress, just in case you wanted to change or wear the dress you wore to your engagement party - which probably cost a small fortune too!

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