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Click here to enlarge Thanks. Actually, I've decided it's my doctors' fault. Click here to enlarge I think it's the abx I'm taking--it causes anemia (which I already have anyway) and it lists infetility as a very rare side effect. I don't like taking it and I have been campaigning to stop, anyway. I'm annoyed that the doctors didn't point this out before, and I'm WAY more annoyed at myself for not doing more extensive googling before today. "Dapsone + infertility" brought up 33,000 results. I feel like such an asshole for never looking before. Well, I did, but I googled "Dapsone + side effects," and that's a different result. Infertility is listed on the second page and is, as I said, extremely rare.

I'm so RARE it hurts. Click here to enlarge

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