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My father-in-law passed away 3 years ago this month

My daughter was 8 and my son was 3. My newest addition was born 1 year and 1 day after his PopPop passed away.

I liked him. I even loved him at times. We weren't overly close but we had a fondness for each other.

What makes me sad is that my kids don't really remember him. I try to bring him up or show pictures of him because I dont' want my kids to grow up without knowing who he was.

My Mother-In-Law doesn't have much of a relationship with us anymore. Since her husband passed away she went from caring about us and the kids to mostly focusing on herself.

It's strange, I feel like my kids have lost both their grandparents with this. We're very close to my family but still, I want my kids to know my husbands family.

How can I make sure my kids still are aware of their PopPop and who he was?
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