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38 week appt.

We had to wait a long time today because my doctor was in Mexico on vacation last week, so she's a bit behind this week. We ended up having the whole family come because the appt. was so late in the day.

The automatic blood pressure cuff found my bp to be really high. Again. But when taken manually, it's fine. And I'm not spilling any protein, so I figure that particular machine is just out to get me.

Baby weighs apprx. 7.6 lbs right now. Head is a week ahead, body is 2 weeks ahead, so it looks like i'll be having a chubby baby.

I'm dilated to almost a 3, and 70% effaced. DH begged the doctor to induce me right then and there, but I refuse because I have got such a rotten cold. I've gone through labor with a cold, and it was awful. OB was willing to induce me next week. After he and the kids stepped out of the room for the vaginal exam, she asked me why he was so anxious for me to get the baby out. I told her that he loves babies, but finds pregnancy boring, so he's dying to get the baby out and play with him. She kind of giggled at that.

Honestly though, I'd rather go into labor on my own. Besides, I'm guessing I'll have my baby Sunday or Monday, so hopefully, I won't need to be induced.
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