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Rubia_Braun 04-23-2020 09:48 PM

Free hand-washing Game for Kids to combat COVID-19 Coronavirus
Kids bored at home? Hahahaha understatement of the year! My team made this app to help educate kids during Covid19. Hopefully it makes handwashing fun - and buys you mama's a few minutes respite. :)

harveycole26057 05-11-2020 02:40 AM

It is fund and definitely educational. Commercial Real Estate Dayton Ohio

jurriencollins 05-23-2020 02:53 AM

Well I'v got a little more on my plate. Taking care of Samuel (5 yr old) and David (3 yrs old) + worrying about young emma (hope so) growing in my tummy is taking a toll on me.

I found something on the internet that is helping me. There activities might help keep your kids entertained - Home Activities To Help Bored Kids During Quarantine

saeed20 05-24-2020 02:02 AM

henrywang 06-10-2020 03:59 AM

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marvinward30548 06-10-2020 09:16 AM

Nice game for kids to practice hand washing. testosterone supplements

jenniferlee 06-12-2020 02:51 AM

Wow this is amazing. Thank you for giving out free hand wash. We all need that during this Pandemic. Stay safe everyone
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seantal 06-12-2020 07:43 AM

Thanks for giviing out free hand wash, it means a lot guys.
We all need to support each other during this time
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aaaronwarwick 06-15-2020 08:06 AM

Thank you. My baby has some knowledge about washing hands since I have let him play this.

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aaaronwarwick 06-15-2020 08:25 AM

I hope you keep making educational games as such. SEO companies in Cincinnati

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