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Give Peas A Chance 03-31-2011 11:29 AM

I'm at work and having a hard time keeping it together.

I'd realized the date was coming up, but it hit me as I wrote it down on meeting notes this morning.

My baby would be five today.

That's enough before I lose it entirely.

Lorrie 04-01-2011 04:47 PM

Dates are so hard. I will be thinking of you.

1tiredmama 04-06-2011 05:54 AM

I too am struggling with dates. I know words dont help, and I really dont have any sage advice, all I can say is, I hear you.

BusyNovember 04-06-2011 12:27 PM

I am so sorry. I am thinking of you :love

DrDexter29 03-27-2017 11:09 AM

Try to play blue Whale. This game it's very stressed out

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