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Grieving after loss of ovaries?

Hi, I've recently had my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed and have been informed that I'll probably suffer a sense of loss and will grieve.
Has anybody had this done? What are some of the things I should expect?
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hi, i never had them removed but was infetile with no explanation for several years and the doc said...i would have a 20 percent chance with help...

its a sad ur not adiquet (sp) enough..although you takes time to get to relise that again....i know its not the same thing but im sureits around the same feeling.....if u wann talk u can pm me anytime
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I would think perhaps a feeling of being ripped off in the scheme of things. We're not suppose to "identify" with our reproductive systems, but how could a person not have a feeling of loss after having what largely comprises your gender removed from your body?

I would think that it's something that you eventually work through, but will come and go randomly until you get to that point.

Hope you're healing well and hanging in there.
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Hi friend, I can understand your physical and mental stays at this time. It is not easy job to handle this horrible problem without stress and depression. You should make proper planning to overcome this stressful life with powerful yoga and meditation that provide sufficient energy and full relaxation for your body. I am here for you to provide sufficient information on behalf of my personal life experience to overcome this difficult situation in your life. I am so sorry for this miserable life. I am feeling pity and pain regarding loss of ovaries. We try many effective methods but not succeed. We consult with popular gynecologist of Kiev to get reliable solution of my problem. It is death like situation in my life. I want to overcome this horrible problem at any cost. It ruined my marriage life day by day. I want to accept to get full husband support to face this horrible problem in positive way.
I want to suggest you some powerful tips and tricks that help you to handle this difficult situation in easy and effective way. You have to accept yourself fault with strong will power. It is God wish so it is your duty to accept her wish with strong heart. It is not good sign that you are not aware about your health. It is time to learn from your past mistakes. You should not compromise with your health. You have to pay more in future with less care about your health. Today we are living in digital world with less physical activity and less routine work. It is medical certified fact that stress and depression is responsible for loss of ovaries due to negative thinking. You should maintain your body hormone level in balance.
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Hi Dr. Phil
I have read through your post, and the first thing I did was to sympathize with you. However, I am here to give you hope. That all is not lost and you can still bear children through the IVF technology or surrogacy. If you opt for IVF, your journey will start by approaching any of the clinics that offer the service. You’ll need to be open to them and tell them you lost your ovaries and so you will need the services of an egg donor. Of course, I am assuming that you will have discussed this with your husband and that you will be in agreement. Once a potential donor is identified, she will be stimulated to help her varies mature. The doctors will extract mature ovaries and fertilize them. They will then implant one or two eggs into your uterus. If all goes well and the embryo gets attached, you will be a proud mother of either a baby girl or a boy after nine months. The doctors may need the sperm of your husband to fertilize the egg.
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Hi! I'm sorry to hear about this. Please don't worry. It's very sad, I understand. But it is not the end of this world. I know you will get over this soon. Make yourself busy in other activities. Try not to think much about this. This feeling will go soon. Everything will be fine. Wish you good luck!
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Phill, are you a guy? IDK but I am getting a weird feeling from your name. I hope that you are a real person. In that case, I am so so sorry for your situation. I hope that what they said do not happen to you. If it does, do not lose hope. There are many ways to fulfill your dream.
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post #8 of 15 (permalink) Old 03-25-2018, 11:40 AM
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Hey there. I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear it. I know it must be hard. I had a hysterectomy. I was fully Click here to enlarge. However, a little positivity is all you need. I wish you good luck. Take care.
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post #9 of 15 (permalink) Old 03-27-2018, 01:17 PM
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Sorry to hear this. I never been into this problem but unfortunately i was diagnosed with infertility five years back. It is a heartbreaking situation for me and even for anyone who is already into it. This is the time you have to be strong and look into the solution very deeply. I hope you will remain strong and opt all the possible options you have. I went to Europe for surrogacy and with the clinics, best treatment have my own baby. I wish a very good luck.
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post #10 of 15 (permalink) Old 04-01-2018, 10:16 PM
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Hello there.So sorry to hear all about that.I knew it's not easy to handle this tough and horrible face of life.Sometimes life becomes so tough and hard.Without kids, life is just empty.Your family is also incomplete.I had my 3rd baby for surrogacy.I had a great experience.Hope you have also got success.Just keep trying and never lose the hope.
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Hey, I am so sorry for you. I know its so painful. Every woman wants to be a mother but sometimes it's not possible for us. I know your pain. I wanted to be a mother from the very start of my married life. We tried but failed we tried again but same. I wasted 5 years in it but no results. I moved toward unnatural ways. Surrogacy was the safest way I could think of at that time. I chose it and now I am blessed. I am so happy to have a baby.
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I can relate to you but in a different way. You are feeling a sense of loss because of getting to remove something so important. Obviously, both these things play an important rule. The reproductive system is run by these procedures. However, in my case, I have a poor ovarian reserve. This along with no AF and eating disorder. Basically, means I am infertile to the point that even IVF will disappoint me. So I too am in the dark phase. As nothing is working out for me. I feel so lonely at times because having children has always been my dream. I have been told to look into other treatments as well. However, thoughts like these still keep arising. I have told myself not to lose hope and I won't. The technology has definitely improved and I am sure this last process will work out. I hope that you and I both find the peace that we are looking for let's just hope this bad phase quickly goes away.
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Originally Posted by HanRichie View Post
Hi there! I'm sorry for your loss. It can be a tough time after these procedures. I got my uterus removed. It was due to cancerous polyps. I had a real downtime afterward. It was the realization of me not able to conceive myself. I always wanted to become a mother. However, I was then introduced to surrogacy. I am so glad for it. I visited a clinic and soon was able to get my little girl. I wish the same happiness for you. Try out surrogacy or IVF. They're both good treatments. Good luck!
Hey, yeah, I agree with you. And I'm so sorry you had such a hard time. I had endometriosis. It made TTC almost impossible for me. Then had to get a hysterectomy. That made TTC completely impossible then. We had no option. I thought this is it. But then we realized we need to move on. I felt my husband drifting away. Not because he didn't care, but because he was upset too. We talked about it. I suggested surrogacy. We went for surrogacy then.
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Hey. It is really painful to read your post. You must not lose hope. Remember, the stars don't shine without darkness. There is no rainbow without a rain. You must face everything positively. You can still be a happy parent if you have lost the ovaries. Surrogacy, IUI, IVF are effective techniques common these days. I had surrogacy when I came to know I could not conceive. Me and my husband really had a tough time. We remained positive even our hearts were drowned in sorrow.Consult your doctor for the better suggestions. You will forget all your pain once you hold the little angel in your arms. I wish you all the very best for your future. Take good care of yourself. Don't take stress any longer.
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know it must be hard for you too. It is hard for everyone. I know because of my experience with infertility. It broke me two years ago. I was infertile. Infertility is the worst thing a person can suffer from. A lot of people don't take it emotionally well and get into depression. I suffered from insomnia when I was declared infertile. I just want to encourage women to not let infertility take over our lives. It is very common now so we shouldn't panic if we're caught by it.Take good care of yourself.Much prayers
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