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Feeling annoying

Hey ladies!
I am new in this community. I have to share my infertility struggle. It was a long journey of around 4.5 years. I have been facing all the issue and it sucking all the energy out of me.
Everything around was negative around me and I become so unconscious for a while. My journey was frustrating and I canít able to share the things that I faced. It was all so uncomfortable and painful in life. I want to tell that it was hard.
If you want to face infertility then you need to have lot of strengths and need to work on the things which you donít like. Sometime you have to go through the trauma and sometime you need to face the rock bottom.
I went through several surgeries and I went through several tests but all failed. I went through the cycle but it didnít give me the positive results. I decided that I have to work on myself and need to go for the experts.
After meeting the experts, I had gone through several IVF tests. I had big hope from it as many people got success out of it. But it also fails so I was searching online and I got this forum. I am not sure what I am looking for but your help means a lot for me.
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Hey, Melisa. I'm so sorry for hearing your struggle infertility. but don't lose hope and surely your dream will come out. 6 years ago my friend had the same problem such as you. But she was trying for 5 years and fighting her infertility. she went to a specialist clinical to have IVF treatment. but before that, she followed some tips that helped her to increase her fertility. She started by eating a well-balanced diet as her weight was gain. then, take a good quality from Zink, vitamins A, B, E and C magnesium, selenium, and iron. follow a healthy lifestyle and don't eat fast food. do this tips before making IVF tests and I think It'll help you to have successful IVF. waiting for good news from you.
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Hi, dear. I'm so sorry you are going through such a difficult period of your life. You have to be strong and patient to fight the infertility. I did it once and I'm sure you will also do it when the time comes. There are a lot of solutions for infertile couples. Unfortunately, the IVF is not always effective. In my case I had to find the surrogate mother. I wasn't able to give birth. It was pretty hard but I was always thinking of my future baby. I knew that I have to be strong to get what I want. I know a lot of successful IVF stories and I hope yours will be among them. Just stay positive and keep doing something. It is very important not to give up. Consult several doctors and find the most appropriate solution in your case. I wish you all the best, dear!
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Hey, Melisa. I'm so sorry for hearing your struggle infertility. but don't lose hope and surely your dream will come out. 6 years ago, my friend had the same problem such as you. But she was trying for 5 years and fighting her infertility. she went to a specialist clinic to have IVF treatment. At the clinic, she had many steps to be ready for IVF treatment. First, by different protocols, she had (COH). Second, after surgical suits under intravenous sedation, they retrieval her eggs. Third, her husbandís sperms were normal so they were transferred dish containing the eggs. After that, she had Fertilization which was assessed 16-18 hours after ICSI. Fourth, she had to assess the quality of the embryo and the doctor decided how many embryos are recommended to have IVF. Finally, the embryo was transferred after the fifth day and was loaded in a soft catheter and they put them in the uterine cavity through the cervix. Now she becomes pregnant and we are so happy and waiting for our baby. Hope this experience help you. GL
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Hello, Melisa🙋. I hope u are fine now!☺. donít feel down you must be strong 💪 to fight infertility. As you writing your problem here, you will find more people helping you and sharing their experience with you and praying for you🙏🙏. Last 5 five years I married💍 and we didnít want a baby at that time. But after 2 years of my marriage, we want a little miracle. So, we tried to conceive and I took off from contraceptive pills. We tried to conceive for two years but nothing happened. I felt down like I arrived at the bottom of the ocean and no survival😭👊. After few days I went to the hospital and visited a specialist doctor. Then I made blood tests but the results were so bad and there was no hope to conceive naturally. but one day I joined to support group and there was a woman that told us about Biotexcom clinic. I talked to her and I knew that there is a hope in that clinic. I talked to my husband about this clinic and traveling abroad ✈and we decided to travel to Kyiv at Ukraine. I sent all my tests and reports to them via email then I traveled to them. After all procedure, I had successful IVF treatment. So, I recommend you to go to a clinic that supports IVF treatment or go to Kyiv like me. I hope all kind wishes for you!
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Hi Melisa! I'm so sorry that you have to face all these complications in life. You don't deserve this. You deserve to be happy. I'm glad you're such a strong woman. Always stay strong! Sometimes, life tests us in all these ways. We just have to stay strong and fight back. I think it's high time that you give your body some rest. Stressing about it will just affect your health. I would advise you to go for surrogacy. This is the only best option left for you. Your wishes will definitely be fulfilled. Try considering Biotexcom for it. They specialize in surrogacy and guarantee you success. They even offer a money back guarantee if God forbid your process fails at some point. I highly recommend it. I hope your problems get resolved. Good Luck!
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I am so sorry for your failures. I wish you to have your baby soon. This is a tough journey of yours. You have been fighting it for a long time. But I am happy to know that you are a strong lady.
Infertility is an evil which is spreading all over the world. Mamy people out there are fighting it. You have to stay strong and positive in this fight. You are a strong lady and you have been through a lot.
This fight drains all your energy and makes you feel like you are out of your energy. It gives you shocks and traumas many many times. But the only way to fight is the strength you have within yourself.
Try to spend more time with your family and friends. It will help you in staying positive. It will strengthen you. Wishing you luck and success in future. Hope to hear good news from you soon.
Lots of love and positivity to you. Much love and kisses. Fingers crossed for you.
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Hey, I hope you are doing well now. I am really sorry for your failures, i know how actually you are feeling right now. I wish you to have baby in your life soon. Infertility is causing so much problems in life. Many women are getting effected from this type of problem. but don't lose hope and surely your dream will come out, all you need now is to keep trying hard. The only way to get rid of this is keep trying. It's a fact that you have to be strong and patient to fight the infertility. I faced the same problem in my life for so many years and recently i decided to have a treatment and now i am having a baby through surrogacy. In start i find it a difficult one. But after my first visit, i am sure that i can have a baby in my life soon. I am hoping for the best. Don't loose hope as there are many options to have a baby. You just have to find them, if you need any help regarding this i can help you out.
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Hey Melissa. IVF wouldn't work with you if you have issues with your uterus. The same thing happened to me. Doctors told me my uterus had become an inhospitable environment. So I couldn't conceive a baby. I had one through surrogacy later on. If IVF doesn't work for you, you can go for surrogacy too. Everything is exactly the same only the carrier is different. Your baby is going to be genetically related to you. If you consider a professional clinic for it, you won't have to worry about anything else then. They make it their own responsibility to give you a child. You don't even have to worry about the surrogate in that case. Just stay hopeful. Don't worry so much. This is a good option for you. Talk to your husband and family about this. I'm sure you'll make a good decision. Good luck with everything.
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Hey there. I hope that you're doing good. Firstly, welcome to the forum. I'm really glad that you came here to share your feelings. You'll definitely get help. The second thing, I'm really sorry for your infertility issue. You must be going through a really hard time. 4.5 years is not a short period of time for struggle. Still not getting results breaks one's heart. We all know that family is a really important thing. It's the dream of every woman. Every couple considers this as an ultimate goal. I know you must be really disappointed now. So I just want to tell my story here. You'll feel much better or maybe you'll decide a direction for yourself. I waited for 9 years, to conceive. I tried to conceive, with and without assistance, but nothing worked. All my hopes were falling apart as the time was passing by. It wasn't easy to Cope with all the feelings so I can understand you. But then I decided to go for surrogacy. And It literally drained out every misery and pain. I selected a clinic in Ukraine for this. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that it was the best decision ever. The clinic proved to be a blessing to me. It gave me safe procedures. Legal documentation too. I had a successful procedure. And now I have my own family. I feel complete now. I'll suggest you go for surrogacy. It will definitely help you out. Best of luck
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Hi there. I am so sorry to hear about your infertility. You sound like a very strong woman to me. But no need to lose hope. My friend was also going through this. But then she went for an IVF treatment and is now a mother. So don't worry. Don't stress yourself. And think about surrogacy or IVF. It will surely help you. Good luck
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Hi dear. I am very sorry to know about your struggles. Frustration is obvious in this case. I am sure you must be very disturbed. Your body has gone through drastic changes. Do not ask more from your body. You have been too many surgeries with no success. I think you are left with only one option and that is surrogacy. I personally think that surrogacy should be an ultimate option. I think it is for you. In this case the carrier of the baby will be any other woman. It is safe and the child will be biologically yours. There are many clinics but biotex.com is doing a great job. I donít know your location. Surrogacy is not legal everywhere. It is legal in Ukraine. The clinic provides the best services. I am sure it will work for you. I wish you a safe journey ahead.
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Whenever I read such piece of frustration, the words take me to my past. It is really hard to cope up with the problem of infertility. When you come to know for the first time that you are no more able to conceive the world seems to get destroyed and all your dreams get shattered. The only thing that can help you in this wilderness is the optimism and the strength to fight the worst. Don't get tensed dear. Face the reality. Look for the treatments that can really help you in becoming a mother like surrogacy or IVF.
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Hey, Melisa dear. I know it's very hard. I have faced a very similar situation to yours. I felt like my world has collapsed. I thought that I'll never be able to have a baby of my own. I also went through several tests and nothing seemed to work for me. My friend then advised me to go for surrogacy. This idea gave me a hope. I searched on the internet for surrogacy. I talked to different people on many forums who had gone through this process. After reading so many reviews and stories, I finally decided to go for it. Then I did a lot of research to find the best clinic for this purpose. With so many efforts, I finally found a clinic in Eastern Europe. I heard many positive reviews about it. I went there with my husband finally and we got everything done in just 2 months. I am glad that I have a baby boy now. All thanks to my friend, the people who helped me, and of course the clinic who made all this possible. I advise you to do the same. Sending baby dust your way!
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Hi Melisa. I feel so bad for you. This is such a heart-wrenching thing. You should go for surrogacy hon! This is the only option for you. Trust me this is the best treatment for infertility. The surrogate mother will carry the baby for you. It's a little bit expensive but it's worth it. IVF didn't work for me too. I wasn't able to carry a child myself. You have to stay strong. Don't lose hope. Good Luck!
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It's very sad. You have gone through a very tough time. It will be a difficult time in your life. I wish you a lot of happiness. You have experienced many failures. Your IVF was not successful. It was because your body was weak. Don't lose hope. I can suggest you surrogacy. Surrogacy will be the best option for you. There is a good clinic in Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. Their services are less expensive. So you must go there. I wish you a very good luck.
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I understand that you are going through a lot, Melisa. Things are hard right now. But this is a part of life. What matters the most is how we deal with such situations. We need to stay strong and remain calm. That's how it works. After reading your story of continuous failed attempts, I had a solution in my mind. And I think it's the only one left. Of course, you may consult other people regarding it. I guess you can go for surrogacy. It has very high success rates. I'm sure this procedure can help you a lot. My friend had surrogacy last year. She has been blessed with a baby girl now. I think you should also go for it. Best of luck!
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I am here for any support. Just tell me what you wanna talk about. Haven't you considered surrogacy? Since IVF failed for you? Try getting in touch with a good clinic. They will help you with it. Check Europe for this matter. Just make sure you are not looking for Lotus or Adonis. I have recently heard very poor performance reviews. I dont know if they are correct or not. Just look out.
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