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Do you brew your own?
we have

What do you brew?
pretty much anything except lagers...some of our favorites have been IPA, alt, wheat beers

How much?
depends...people have given us kits that brew a gallon, if we do it from scrtach generally a 3-5 gallon batch

How does it taste?
Click here to enlarge
unpasturized beer is soooooooooo much better

Horror stories?
none yet Click here to enlarge we did make wine once that ended up vinegar. We still bottled it up and gave it away as xmas gifts Click here to enlarge

I own a bakery, and we are putting a commercial kitchen in our basement. I swear dh is working on it so dilligently because it will be so much easier to brew there Click here to enlarge
Cleaning everything and keeping it sterile are hands down the hardest part of brewing at home
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