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cash went missing out of the safe.

$122.00 It's a weird amount I know. I'm pissed off about it. The money was returned.

I work Sat nights, and Sun mornings. They are the only 2 days a week I work. I am responsible for the cash on those 2 days.

I show up to work on Sat and the distric manager was there. this place is weird and the Dist. manager does shift work in both stores.

Anyway. She counted the deposit for friday night. I didn't think anything about it. She wrote out that everything was even and left for the day. That night I cashed out the register and deposited everything into the safe. I don't have to open the safe to do so I just have to slip it in the slot.

Sun I went in for my normal shift. I didn't feel well, I called the store manage and told her I didn't feel well. I did not do Sat. deposit because I didn't feel well and I didn't want to fuck it up. I called the other asst. manager and told her I was going to leave it for her to do Mon morning.

Mon morning the other asst. and the manager counted all the cash for the weekend. The deposit that the dist. manager did was $100.00 short.

Asst manager calls me and tells me. I suggested they check the cameras and she told me they were all down and had been for weeks.

anyway the owner comes up and we have this meeting about the missing $100. All month long the cash was even. We were all going to get a bonus and instead we get nothing. He says wants to know who was in the safe and starts grilling me on why I didn't count the money on Sun.

In the end he says that he just wants the money returned if someone stole it. End of story, no questions asked just bring the money back.

This sat. Dist manager works again she finds the $100. in the safe, under all the extra coins.

I could have lost my job over this measly $100. fucking dollars and I'm pissed about it.
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