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ADD Senior student

OK I have turned to ya all here on this site to PLEASE help me do what I know I need to do which is throw in the towel but here is the story............

I have a son who is a senior in high school and he is ADD which is off the charts, not medicated because it makes him aggressive. I have had problems since preschool with him with getting his work turned in, ya know it is always someone else's fault besides his. "the teacher lost the paper" "the teacher wouldn't let me check out a book" on and on I could go but you get the drift well he is doing well in all but one class and he will NOT do the work. This child lives with his dad and his stepmom who do NOTHING to help him or inforce rules to make him do his homework so I have been emailing the teacher to get the list of assignments, trying to get him over to do the work and this has been going on all school year. Currently he has like 15 assignments to do and all he does is blow me off.....says he is going to call or come over and doesn't.
This is making me so depressed because his twin brother who lives with me is doing fine and is going to graduate and I so want my add son to graduate too.

What do I do? I think that I need to realize that he is old enough to know what he has to do and if he is choosing not to do it then if he doesn't walk with his class so be it but EVERYONE is telling me I can't just walk away from my son at this point that I owe it to him to give it my I am fighting a losing battle and getting more and more depressed.

I hope someone can please be my friend and give it to me straight from an outsider looking in.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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