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I am a newly single mom, though I guess I was "single" while married for quite a while since he never did anything for me or the kids and was "working" all the time (I later found out he was actually out partying). I am a single mom because my husband of 9 years never grew the F up. I am a single mom because I finally woke up and realized what I had subconsciously known all along - my husband was an adulterer. He had his own harem of women on the side and I was too blind from the exhaustion of raising our children single handedly to notice. I woke up one day, and caught him at it, and threw him out. My life has never been better, and my children's lives have never been better.

I am seeing someone now though he's never been around children much and has little experience. He's adapting to the idea of having my children around, and I'm adapting to the idea of having him around. We're taking things slowly. He was actually my first love back in the day, and we didn't talk for 10 years (during the course of my marriage to aforementioned loser) so we have some history and background to build on as well.

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