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Not sure what to do

DS is currently in a Apex 65 using the harness (5pt harness up to 65lbs)

However, his height makes it to where the top slots of the harness are now below his shoulders.

He is 5 yrs and about 58lbs. I tried him one day in the Apex 65 using the seatbelt booster part and halfway down the road, he had bent over and was laughing at being upside down. He also was wiggling trying to get out of it. So maturity wise ( he also has a disability and has low muscle tone)...he is not ready for a booster and I prefer him stay in the 5pt harness.

I'm assuming since the straps are below his shoulders, it's no longer safe. But it's not safe for him to be in the booster....I can not afford the $200+ for a seat that goes up to 80 lbs or more w/5pt harness.

I'm try very hard to make sure my boys are in the right carseats and do what I can to keep them safe, my 19 month old is still RF...I'm just not sure what to do with my older DS.

Anyone give me some input on what you would do?
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