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Originally Posted by Agnes Nutter View Post
Those Cosco seats (like the Apex) say they go up to 65 lbs but the harness starps slots aren't as high as other seats, as you are experiencing.

It definitely sounds like he is not ready for a booster maturity wise, I agree.

There are other seats but like you say, they are pricey. Would anyone be able to lend you one? The Radian seats are the tallest with the highest harness slots/weight limits AFAIK. Could you contact someone to see if a free/low-cost seat would be available to you through your local CRST/clinic? Or would medical insurance cover a special needs seat? I'm in Canada so I'm not 100% sure on how things work in the USA but I've heard people speak of getting free seats.

I'll look into it more for you tomorrow, coughing kid just woke up so gotta go.
Thank you for replying. We could go the special needs seat route, but would take at least 2-4 months to get through all the paperwork/authorization and then those seats are huge. Which we have a minivan, but it would not be an easy seat to transfer when needed to other vehicles.

So that would be another 2-4 of him riding with the harness too low.
I have called about free/low cost carseats. The largest one they offer in my area is the same one he's in now (Apex 65). They did tell me about the ones that go up to 80 or 85lbs w/5pt, but they don't offer them.

I don't have anyone I can borrow a higher weight limit 5pt harness seat off of because most of the parents I know put their kids in a booster as soon as possible and think I'm silly for trying to keep him in a 5pt harness.
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