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Level 2 ultrasound and update

I went in for my level 2 (anatomical) ultrasound yesterday with DH and DD. After what seemed like an eternity (particularly with a full bladder) the tech said that from what she could see everything looked fine although she couldn't get a good shot of the heart as the baby was all curled up so I have to go back for that. DH and DD were then invited in to take a look. DD was just thrilled. The tech handed her the pictures and she walked around the hospital clutching them and wanting to show them to every stranger we passed Click here to enlarge

The tech asked if I had any history of fibroids. I don't know if she found any on the ultrasound, but it did make me curious about them. Anyone have any experience with fibroids?

I am so happy and relieved to have seen the baby and to see it moving! I haven't really felt any movement or kicks so I was starting to worry.

I told my manager earlier this week that I was pregnant and he was very congratulatory and reassuring. I said that there would be many doctor visits and appointments and he said that I should take all the time I need and not to stress or worry about it at all. He's a great boss Click here to enlarge

I guess the next stage is to share the pregnancy with my coworkers although I am oddly not interested in doing that just yet. I guess I don't really like all the attention that usually comes with an announcement like this.

I had my first visit with a new therapist on Monday to help me sort out issues with my mom and to help me set boundaries. So far so good. My employer covers 6 sessions with the therapist which is such a great benefit considering his hourly rate is $150.

So that is my complaints this time. I'm just feeling really happy and blessed.
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