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35 weeks

I wonder if anyone even reads in here anymore? Click here to enlarge

Well, I am at 35 weeks. I swear the time just crawled by and all of a sudden, it's moving at lightening speed. Amanda came 2 weeks early and if this one does the same (or I end up getting induced), there could be a baby here in 3 freaking weeks. I am suddenly panicked about getting everything ready but in reality, there is not much to do really. We're ready for the baby, even if he/she doesn't have a completed room or a spotless house to come home to.

This is my last week of work and I'm finding that really bittersweet. Everyone keeps saying they are so jealous and "oh, you must be so excited" but honestly, I love my job and love being here every day. I just don't like the commute - I won't miss that. I hope I don't end up home and depressed. I will have DD with me though so that will either be really nice or she'll drive me batty lol.

Blood pressure is still awesome, no weight gain at all, gestational diabetes is in full force but I'm doing my best to keep my blood sugar numbers good. Lots of ultrasounds coming up - they want to keep an eye on the size of the baby although I know these u/s are notorious for being inaccurate. OB says she will only consider c-section if the baby is very large - around 11 lbs or if there are other factors such as high blood pressure. Otherwise, I can expect to probably be induced by 39 weeks or so but they will just keep an eye on things for now.

I'm so excited and happy. It's been a really joyful time in my life.
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