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I would totally have dh give him a big fat bottle of breast milk or your Dr. Sears goat concoction after nursing him in the evening. See if doing that for a couple of weeks will A) fill up his tummy more for a better nighttime stretch and B) let him get used to your dh getting him to sleep. That way he may be able to deal with some of the middle of the night stuff so you can get a bit more sleep. Also, if his teeth are bothering him at night I would give him a nice big dose of ibuprofen right before bed. That should buy him a good 6 pain free hours. The other thing we stated doing with Nick when he began eating more and more table food was to make sure he had a big snack offered to him about 1/2 an hour before bed. Lots of protein like sliced turkey, cheese, egg, yogurt, etc. and maybe some fruit too. He slept much better after we started doing that.

I was convinced that Nick was weaning himself at 8-9 months too. I was in such a panic my friends, ped, dh had to talk me down on a regular basis for quite a few weeks (months Click here to enlarge). I went out and bought a fancy breat pump witch did me no good; in the little time I had to pump I got squat. Long story short, he's now 20 months. He eats like a longshoreman and nurses every time I sit down. Click here to enlarge. I'm glad we stuck it out and I just offered up the boobs as much as I could.

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