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E Cigs?

Has anyone here tried them? I tried chantix years ago and it made me a raving bitch, ready to kill anyone who crossed my path lol. So last time we bought our cigarettes, DH saw an E cig for 20 bucks, so he picked it up. I tried it, liked it and bought myself one.

Here is the deal. I know they still have nicotine so they aren't necessarily "safe" but they don't have the other crap that regular smokes do, so they have to be a bit better, right?

Anyway, we bought them last thursday. I wasn't sure how long the filter piece with the flavor would last, so of course I was still smoking regular cigs. I have smoked 3 packs in a week (and usually I can easily do a pack/pack and a half a day). Yesterday I had 2 regular cigarettes while my battery was charging (and they tasted horrible for the first puff or two-but then was able to smoke it with no problem), the night before I had a total of I think 5? And today, I have had none. I am smoking the E cig though. I bought some of the juice for it which is really cheap, much cheaper than smoking! I started out with a 24 mg of nicotine juice and now I am on 18 mg. Next ones I ordered to try are only going to be 12 mg. Basically weaning myself down. But my biggest issue is the habit of actually smoking-holding it, puffing, etc.

This ended up longer than I meant, sorry. But basically wanted to say I have dropped the level of nicotine, have not smoked nearly as much (and again, NONE today at all), and I feel better already. So I am truly hoping this helps me eventually quit smoking all together!
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