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Well I just received my 12 mg (started on 24, moved to 18 and tomorrow will be on 12). They also sent me a sample flavor in 8 mg Click here to enlarge I am trying to move down to 0 mg of nicotine. My biggest part is the habit of smoking-but as a kid I chewed my hair, fingernails, pen caps, then gum-until I found cigarettes. So I bet it will take quite a while to move away from the actual "smoking" part of it, but I figure if I get rid of the nicotine it is still better than nothing!

So in all actuality, I am still "smoking" but it is a vapor nicotine replacement. I haven't had an actual cigarette since the 2 I had last Wednesday. And DH has gone down on how much he smokes-was up to 2 packs a day and now a pack is lasting him 2 days!! That is awesome for him! I am very excited about them (and about all the freaking flavors you can order, my sample I got today is bubblegum! lol)
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