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Early victory.

For the first time in many, many months, the number on the scale is actually lower this week than it was last week. Click here to enlarge 156lbs to 152lbs. I know it's easier to lose weight the first week, especially because I stuck to my calories per day and drank lots of water on the weekend, and it'll probably be more like 1-2lbs per week if I'm lucky from now on, but for now I'm happy. My size 10 pants are no longer on the too tight side, which is as least as important as the number because I was going to let them cut off my circulation completely before I bought a bigger ones. Click here to enlarge

Dh can also button up his casual pants now too. Click here to enlarge He was walking around with them unbuttoned and a tshirt and sweater over them while at home for several weeks. Click here to enlarge We had bought him bigger dress pants last fall though, which had started to get tight, but are now fitting again like they did last November.

The two of us use each other as an excuse to eat too much I think. Like, s/he is having some of that, so I should too. And yeah, ordering pizza, fries, and onion rings for supper is a good idea. Or ooh, lets make our own pakora tonight! Or, the kids want dessert, so we need to make some cookies or brownies or buy some ice cream. Or just, s/he's having another serving, so I should too. Click here to enlarge

I still get annoyed that he can lose weight eating literally twice what I eat.
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