Double Duty Divas

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  1. FS:(5Pieces) New Apple iPhone 12 Pro 5G 128GB $3,995CAD Email [email protected]
  2. Strong Women
  3. Periods
  4. Surrogacy or ivf?
  5. I want help
  6. a mother should not leave her job after having kids
  7. Are you a working mother?
  8. FREE $1000 Visa Gift Card Offer Expiring Soon
  9. Herbal Treatment for Hydrocele
  10. Alright computer nerds.
  11. I'm going to blog my way through my potential layoff in here
  12. What was I thinking?
  13. I am totally overwhelmed since going to full-time WOHM
  14. woes
  15. I don't know that anyone posts in here
  16. Is anyone in charge of workplace safety?
  17. if I can handle this, I can handle anything right? really really long
  18. This made me laugh
  19. I swear, I'm going to murder one of my co-workers
  20. OMFD
  21. My fate is in their hands!
  22. Speaking of insurance...
  23. In an epic feat of unprofessionalism.....
  24. Yup, it's pouring now
  25. Is this a bus I see above me?
  26. Of all the freaking days!
  27. Way-ay-ay-ting!!!
  28. OMG I hate training
  29. student and single mom
  30. Sports, PTA, Scouts
  31. I almost said to a client
  32. OMFD
  33. Well, that's a clusterfuck
  34. Emails that make me stabby
  35. Note to Self: Don't drink with co-workers
  36. Funny OOO from co-worker
  37. What's wrong with round?!
  38. You know it's been a long day when...
  39. Since this forum is so dead
  40. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  41. Conversation with my co-worker - Just a vent
  42. I applied for my dream job
  43. Bleah
  44. UUUUGHHHH.... Passive Agressive Co Worker
  45. Thrown under the bus
  46. Gawd, I hate job searching.
  47. I swear
  48. FUCK.
  49. Whiny Vent/Rant
  50. back to work one year now
  51. Job Interview
  52. Can I blahhhhg about my asshat boss?
  53. Oh, this is gonna be a fun job.
  54. full-time, permanent employment
  55. I need help
  56. fucking co workers
  57. Anyone take a HR cert exam?
  59. I hate my life today
  60. book/manuscript editing
  61. Tomorrow begins my job search.
  62. Dear State:
  63. Be careful what you wish for...
  64. Double Duty Divas
  65. Sprig Toys works
  66. Dodging the phone...
  67. 400.
  68. Simple Halloween Treat
  70. How do you handle child care for school kids?
  71. Money/is it worth it
  72. Br-r-rr!
  73. another interview tomorrow
  74. Confusion! Yay!
  75. I'm confused
  76. It's hard out there
  77. Officially a working mom
  78. Didn't get the job
  79. Work Situation Advice
  80. Unemployment hearing was today
  81. I have an interview, I have an interview
  82. so i actually turned down a job today
  83. Need Advice~daycare issue
  84. I quit today
  85. Once upon a time....
  86. Where I ponder if my mental health is worth more than my paycheck?
  87. Dear companies
  88. So I am leaving the ranks of ddd
  89. Would you jump ship?
  90. Humor-Interview shockers
  91. kill a chicken for me or something will ya.
  92. My returning to work update
  93. Do the babysitting dilemmas ever end?
  94. There is a ray of hope out there...
  95. so as of Monday
  96. Ugh.
  97. Dude, I hate to be happy over someone's misfortune
  98. Swine flu emergency at my workplace
  99. not a good sign
  100. I'm breaking up with my day care provider
  101. WTF was I thinking (yeah it's long. Just need to vent)
  102. I just resigned
  103. I'm So Tired, and I NEED TO VENT!!!!!
  104. if you feel like you are busy it's because you are
  105. Well that sucks...
  106. Bitching about a coworker again
  107. Why does the last 1/3 of a project
  108. I'll keep this in mind...
  109. I'm jumping ahead of myself here but want to throw out some ideas...
  110. Grant me the...
  111. Making the decision not to be a lawyer.
  112. One of those business moments who you hold your breath and hit send anyway
  113. The Waiting is the Hardest Part
  114. I need some resume help.
  115. I really REALLY need some interview guidance
  116. Frustrated
  117. co-workers
  118. I believe I have now truly lost my mind
  119. FMLA
  120. Do you ever wish...
  121. Help me out here y'all
  122. Don't laugh... but my only dislike about my new job
  123. Should I start job searching?
  124. Stapler.
  125. Editors and writers
  126. How "recession proof" is your job?
  127. If your/ your so's job is in danger ignore this.
  128. Fun with returning-to-work Math
  129. separation anxiety time again
  130. This is weird
  131. How much sick time do you get?
  132. I survived my first day of going back to work
  133. Phone Interview
  134. Your work environment
  135. Cleaning
  136. Dinner
  137. off to Ch. 11 my company goes
  138. thinking about going back to full-time
  139. Work is so fucking negative right now
  140. Would you do it?
  141. Personality clashes
  142. A quick minor bitch thread
  143. Dear boss(excuse me while I go passive/aggressive here)
  144. Is anyone planning or thinking of using Kindercare in the near future?
  145. Divine service provider
  146. No free lunch, the sequel!
  147. I so badly want to call in sick today
  148. So this sucked
  149. Breastfeeding and daycare
  150. cash went missing out of the safe.
  151. Ever walk out of a job?
  152. Does this look like a good course?
  153. Why do people accept a job...
  154. So, who's all working tomorrow?
  155. GAH!
  156. More drama
  157. Losing my shit.... and also, do I have a leg to stand on?
  158. I am ticked (long, sorry)
  159. If you want to telecommute, look here
  160. Schedule change
  161. I think one of my coworkers is being fired
  162. Could You Use a Little MORE Money?
  163. I'm still employed
  164. Passive Aggressive?
  165. Generic work celebration thread
  166. Is this a no-brainer? (long)
  167. Now i'm kind of pissed.
  168. Yearly review
  169. Thinking about quitting my job.
  170. Fuck. Annoying workplace issue.
  171. My freaky boss
  172. >:O
  173. Generic bitching thread
  174. Calling a recruiter?
  175. Taking charge without stepping on toes
  176. Work clothes?
  177. I have to go back to work
  178. My manager job hasn't started and it already sucks
  179. what's the hardest?
  180. Some observations from my 1st week
  181. I really want to be a snarky bitch
  182. Jumping back into the "real" workforce.
  183. How far would you go when applying for a job?
  184. They know
  185. New to the working world
  186. Having a rotten week
  188. take a damn lunch
  189. Wugh!!!
  190. business financial; anyone know a good book?
  191. Are you friends with your coworkers?
  192. No such thing as a free lunch!
  193. I am the queen of procrastination
  194. Working From Home Right Now.
  195. You know you want to try it
  196. Hi! I'm new here!
  197. Oh, the irony...
  198. Do you eat breakfast every day?
  199. Gah! (Long and blaaahgy)
  200. Wish my boss wasn't an asshole
  201. What hours do you work? (vent)
  202. Not your typical work issues
  203. What did I get myself into?!?!?!
  204. I had a job offer
  205. Facebook
  206. I am getting promoted...
  207. Dear Annoying Co-worker
  208. Dear Boss
  209. People make me want to scream.
  210. My boss totally undermined me.
  211. activity for the kids
  212. But that doesn't mean I'm a racist.
  213. Wow!
  214. Is this legal? WWYD? Manager Vent. The works.
  215. There is no point to this story
  216. Have you ever felt
  217. Settling into a new shift
  218. So do you call?
  219. Work funny
  220. WWYD
  221. I know Im over reacting
  222. So if you work from home
  223. I write the weekly schedule at a fast food restaurant
  224. I'm on vacation this week!
  225. I deal with the goddamn customers!
  227. Anyone a Medical Transcriptionist?
  228. Can they make me do this?
  229. The Bobs are coming
  230. I just want to share
  231. Just to a meeting already, wouldja!
  232. So would this constitute a hostile work environment??
  233. Almost finished
  234. Fingers crossed
  236. oh good freakin lord. job interview woes....
  237. Co-Worker Issue (as if there aren't enough of those around here already!)
  238. So now that I'm doing more CS/tech support I've concluded
  239. I love it
  240. just a small work vent
  241. Why do people need to state the obvious?
  242. I got
  243. I'm scared, excited and nervous!
  244. Selling oneself
  245. Bored
  246. Where did manners go?
  247. Who works remotely most of the time? Do you still have a desk at work?
  248. My office...
  249. Happy
  250. Good websites for telecommuting jobs?